YouTubers React to The Impossible Quiz -

YouTubers React to The Impossible Quiz

Matthew Stacks
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A new gaming compilation with your favorite YouTubers taking on the Impossible Quiz!

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  1. Man, it's a shame you can't play this anymore due to Flash's termination.

  2. I've seen enough videos to know all the answers to these

  3. Three things you need in order to finish this game:
    Intelligence, Luck, and Patience (sometimes fast reflexes). Farthest I have gotten is either 85 or 84, but over spring break, I will beat it either by fair & square or cheating.

  4. Literally just finished Dan and Phil's episode of them playing this…

  5. YouTubers react to Emily wants to play

  6. I actually requested this quite a while back. Love how it turned out! XD

  7. I got a idea for the next video youtubers react to eviebot the clever bot

  8. Why does this game exist.. What kind of uneducated moron made this game. I think my IQ dropped after seeing these dumb questions and stupid ass answers.

  9. BlasphomousHD was probably one of the most hilarious ones on this reel.

  10. youtubers react to rage compilation

  11. "I wanna say 18 but it's probably a walrus"

  12. markiplier was the only one who got the alphabet question

  13. Why do some people think reading something backwards is hard.

    I mean, I can do it

  14. Choose food. Chews food. How come no youtuber seems to click into that?

  15. Game: the answer is really big
    Me: the answer is mah DIIIICK

  16. Lmao the answer is on question 16 is H lol wtf this is a easy quiz for me caues vietnamese people are 24% smart

  17. 🙁 I thought Nerd Cubed would be in this.

  18. Why didn't you add Vannamelon as Fluttershy that would have been perfect.

  19. I love how they get frustrated it's funny lmao

  20. you can't use your mind when playing this jumbled up mess of a game

  21. First I need to calm myself down for a second I hate myself of mine craft story mode other girls once hated the demon girl me and I'm gonna play mk 9 instead

  22. Watching this made me realize that maybe I'm not that dumb…

  23. Why do everyone first assume of the question and answer than without even looking at the exact words?! This is why we get more wrong answers than right.

  24. Really Markiplier 😐 you have to say the abc alphabet!

  25. By question 17, the average person's logic has been reduced to, "It's probably a walrus!"

  26. 0:26 Right idea wrong answer XD
    Four holes in a shirt.
    Head, arm, arm, body

  27. Jev seems to have no sense of patience or humor

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