World's Best Geoguessr Pros Take an IMPOSSIBLE Google Maps Quiz (feat. Geostique) -

World’s Best Geoguessr Pros Take an IMPOSSIBLE Google Maps Quiz (feat. Geostique)

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In this video, I’m testing the skill of 4 of the world’s strongest Geoguessr pros, @Geostique, @Lennli, @Debre., and @KodiakGG. They will have to attempt to guess which of the images I show them is an imposter in order to gain points. Let’s see who’s able to take the win!

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  1. Amazing quality by all four, stiques and debres vibes are just ridicolous. Love the format and hope you keep on doing these!

  2. stique went brazy on the albania/nl round

  3. i really love this format. It surely takes a lot of work to pull all of these together but they are really really cool!

  4. would love to see bag on this if he's willing to participate

  5. Could you use numbers next time? I'm color blind and I have problems differentiating the colors
    (or at least a different green?)

  6. Thank you Zigzag for representing a bunch of colonial bogans. You've done some great work recently, congratulations on carrying Rainbolt to his first tournament win, that was a beautiful moment.

  7. I absolutely love that you guys are still so incredible at this game without the occasional Meta gimmicks (cars,cams, etc.) just insanely impressive

  8. I was thinking about this video that you did last time just the other day and hoping it would come along again.

    Really fun series to watch. I enjoy hearing the thought process of some of these especially when they get all 3

  9. Wow, incredible how good these players are

  10. Stique and Debre are just OP. Like, seriously.

    Also, love this format <3

  11. This is such a fun format, Stique is a different breed

  12. watching this making me realize just how good stique is

  13. keep doing this series I love this content

  14. It says a lot, that I was shocked when Stique had a 0/3 round. I love Kodiak, but in this kind of format Stique and Debre are on a level of their own. Debre is much more analytical like me which is great, because you can learn so much from just listing to his reasoning. Stique is like a computer, processing everything in a few seconds and giving the correct output most of the time. It's insane!

  15. Stique and Debre have a PhD in Geoguessr.

  16. Why is the dog in stiques profile pic shaped like a dick??

  17. Me during the first guy: WTF this is impossible how do they do this?
    Me after I know the answer: Come on man, it's so obvious!

  18. Debre's knowledge and analysis is phenomenal and the fact stique outperformed him is insane!

    More of this please by far the most entertaining format!

  19. Seeing the first 3 struggle and then Stique come in and nail 3/3 in a couple seconds was insane. How does he see the game so differently

  20. Super nice format can you do this again?

  21. wtf i was wondering why i don't see any more of your videos in my feed, turns out i was unsubscribed for some reason wth

  22. The round at around 17:00 was weird to me. I grew up in the Alps and Yellow could definetly be in the Alps. Especially the comment about the soil was weird. I have played in that kind of soil as a kid. Could easily be at the German/Austrian border or even at the German/Czech border. To me, the green one was more outlandish.

  23. how does Stique guess so quickly so accurately so confidently. Obv world's best player

  24. These vids are fantastic, is there a episode 3?

  25. As a faroese person, I was really struggling tryibg to figure out where on Faroes that image was, made no sense to me. Also didn't make much sense with those trees in Iceland, so seeing green be Iceland as well made a whole lot more sense 😅

  26. Kodiak's laughter during the final round 🙂

  27. Stique is just inhuman, his round 2 is out of this world lol

  28. broo stique getting 3 points after only like 1 second is so crazy

  29. wow! Im not goodbut i got 3 points on the switzerland usa round. The rest of them I sucked lollll I guess i’m really good at U.S.

  30. I really recommend doing this by yourself first to understand just how impressive their skill is
    Like bro how do they do that I got 5 points in total💀

  31. stique 5k'd albania and then went cambodia in roraima

  32. Idc if stique got caught cheating in something. Hes the best player hands down

  33. I don’t really believe stique cheated in everything i think he just cheated sometimes to make sure he was known as the best because at one point he probably was without cheating and maybe he just wanted to stay that way or was addicted to the attention,so I lowkey feel kinda bad for him cuz he inspired me to start playing. And is it even possible to cheat in this quiz or not?

  34. Portuguese architecture was close, too bad he didn’t link it to Brazil

  35. The other guy is a known cheater and all his records were erased…why is this video still up???

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