World's Best Geoguessr Players Take the IMPOSSIBLE Google Maps Quiz (feat. Stique) -

World’s Best Geoguessr Players Take the IMPOSSIBLE Google Maps Quiz (feat. Stique)

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In this video, I’m challenging some of the top Geoguessr pros in the world to try to guess which country is the imposter in a series of images. The more they can guess, the more points they get. Let’s see who can triumph!

Thanks to @Lennli for creating the rounds, and to @Geostique, @Debre., and @RCgeo for joining me! Enjoy 😀

Edited by: @PoisonedVFX

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  1. this absolutely is my favourite series i love it so so much

  2. This is my second favourite series behind the duals. Such a fun idea

  3. Fav series are both this and road to rank 1. Love it

  4. I love these vids! I think it would be really cool if next time you did this maybe each person you play with makes their own round and they sit out while the other players guess! So for example if you picked four, Debre picks four, Stique picks four, and RC picks four and then you all guess on the other people's rounds. That way you all have a chance to mess with each other!

  5. Stique should have gotten 1 point on the last round because he guessed which one was imposter

  6. ZigZag and Debre would be an amazing team for a tournament, when one doesnt have any clue on the locations the other just nails it

  7. 29:20 first thought blue is definitely Australia probably Melbourne, green and I guess yellow also Australia. Gonna update when I find out

    Ok nvm red is Australia and not yellow

  8. my guess for the gimmick: one of the rounds, all 4 countries will be the same

  9. I think it's Debre who made the locations!

  10. Everyone of you picked up some insane stuff … this is peak content right here
    Love the rounds picked as well!

  11. lennlis reactions while you decide are hilariousss, these are great rounds

  12. If Stique says it's fake I believe 😄 nice job Lennli

  13. so last time i got a 7. this time i got a 3.5. The bolivia salt flats are famous for land speed records and im giving .5 for knowing what it is but forgetting the country. the fin/can round i got correct imposter but guessed the countries backwards. round 4 i picked imposter and final round i also picked imposter. so 3 correct imposter guesses and the .5 for salt flats. maybe i could give another .5 for knowing fin/can? LUL

    Either way im feeling rather validated that yall said countries that popped into my mind throughout even if they didnt end up being those countries in the end. I am more and more tempted to start learning geoguesser as i watch more vids. especially yours.

  14. Round 6 Red Circle is very clearly Perth WA, that wavy white fence is mega, mega common here, and its made of asbestos lmao

  15. that round at 30 minutes was just crazy, Blue definitely melb vibes, yellow I thought was some western vic coverage, then red/green no clue maybe thought green could be geelong area

  16. I love these quizzes, stique and Debre are my favorite

  17. I think a better way of giving points would be to assign 1 point to each colour and giving a score outta 4.

  18. that bermuda round on debres end was crazy fast, goat fr 🐐

  19. bro how do u see all that in the background ur eyes actually have natural zoom

  20. These are my favorite kinds of videos on the channel, even though i don't have nearly enough knowledge to be able to play along watching is sooo much fun.

  21. Debre definitely flexed in rounds 7-9. Unreal. Great video.

  22. This and the duels #1 videos are my favorite

  23. Stique should've gotten one point in the last one right?

  24. Can you do something to very clearly show who is talking?

  25. In future editions should a .5 point if both countries are correct.

  26. I like how stique said some shit like "what is this" or sounded surprised on the start of every single round lmao

  27. that hawaii guess was a certified debre moment

  28. Who was overthinking the second round too???

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