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Today we are playing The Impossible Quiz 2, one of the most aggravating games ever created!
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  1. 7:40 ur gonna get copyrighted lol

    It’s For Elies by: someone is don't know

  2. who else is watching this in 2018? or is it just me…

  3. NUMBER 44 IS AN EASTER EGG TO PLANTS VS ZOMBIES,in a line they say "All ur brainz belong to uz"

  4. Blood blood blood blood Blood blood blood bloodBlood blood blood blood Blood blood blood bloodBlood blood blood blood

  5. 34. Answers:

    Click Death
    Click Fusestopper For No Bomb
    Click “This” for a skip (Pat forgot this lol)

  6. I live in Norway and i diss subed you!!!!!!

  7. I looked at the next vid and I found the difference

  8. Mabe de one dat wit de leter de timer or de level

  9. Question 34 you see the circle in the middle press that

  10. for question 30 u click the 0 in the 30 bc a rolo has no holes!

  11. it means to kill her !!! ta (to) quil (kill) a (ha aka her).

  12. It doesn't drive you crazy if you watched 10 Trillion times

  13. The Question 41 tricks you it suppose to be the smallest too

  14. You are a horrible Spanish speaker but probably the best YouTuber ever!🐼🦄🐼😎🌈💩💩💩💩🐼🦄😎🌈💩

  15. un the letter c on your keyboard is space

  16. If you didn't get the tequila one, it meant "to kill her" at least I'm pretty sure it did (sorry if someone already pointed that out) edit: ok multiple people did XD also THIS IS SPARTA! is the best one.

  17. 4:58 it means press the word this to kill you before it then points to the answer button that says death even though it's not

  18. creater of impossible quiz 2: 15 is dog backwards
    me: that is not nice to god

  19. SING IT,SING IT ,SING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

  20. Did anyone else saw that question 34 the word this was green?

  21. WARNING: This is a spoiler alert

    Answers to questions you answered

    23. Drag the circle from the question number and put it into the middle
    24. Space (As the word sea is meant as the letter C)
    25. When it’s a jar (Representing ajar)
    26. You run. You run so far away (A reference to the song “I Ran (So Far Away)”)
    27. Press the 1 key on your keyboard (5 second bomb)
    28. This is SPARTA! (Reference from the movie “300”)
    29. Put the bombs on the faucet or in the water. If it’s a green bomb, do nothing. It gives you a skip. Wait until you see a green gem.
    30. Click the “0” in the question number (10 second bomb)
    31. Drive down the M4 (The word “two whales” is a pun on “to Wales”)
    32. Choose the finger (You use that to pick your nose) (10 second bomb)
    33. Click on the question number. It looks like 2 butts.
    34. Press the death button. (10 second bomb)
    35. Aim for the face (Refers to the dartboard’s face)
    36. Tequila (It sounds a lot like “To kill her”)
    37. Put your mouse off the screen and an elephant will fall down.
    38. Mash any key on your keyboard (except tab). (10 second bomb)
    39. Grab the key without touching the green. The vanish will make your cursor disappear. (15 second bomb)
    40. Toucan (It sounds like “Two can”)
    41. The medium dot by the word “Smallest” will shrink. Go towards the bottom right for a fusestopper.
    42. Slap Pig Buster
    43. Random question from the first Impossible Quiz (10 second bomb)
    44. What you say!! (The reaction of the game’s main character)
    45. EIEIO (Click on the E in “I see…”, then the I, then the E, then the I, then the O in “O rly?”)
    46. Around Orion’s waist
    47. Universal Serial Bus (Because the front of the bus says “Bowl”)

  22. I always wonder if anybody was talking about those random lines at 10:06

  23. I laughed so hard while brushing my teeth that I swallowed some toothpaste!

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