WHY DID I PLAY THIS?! - THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ 2! - santawintergames.com


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This was a bad idea…..

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  1. On how many letters are in in this sentence you were supposed to count how many letters were in sentence like how many letters are in this….sentence

  2. 1:21 Welcome to the new app that squid nugget found! E-Bin. You can trash talk to the seller of the toy if they ever clickbaited you!

    You can get angry at the original owner for giving you something stupid instead of the thing you wanted!

    Download today for only £50.00 and have fun trash talking!

    Note: Refunds are also available to the original owner

  3. Can I have your bobble heads you have so many

  4. Lol the answer is in the top right hand corner! Lol

  5. 8:55 his favourite food is pancake related kind of food (I like marvel)

  6. Played along with you…regretting my decisions now xD

  7. a green house is made of glass not paint its the one for plants


    You know how the answer before the brown balloon was Chris..?

    After it said that you have to click the BROWN balloon so i just thought of

    Chris Brown…

    Okay i can leave now

  9. please tell me your real name but if you want too only you can reveal your real name if you have 20M subs goodluck if you want

  10. Miss these kinds of videos from you Squiddy. It was these kinds of videos from you, Stampy, and all of your friends that made my day and temporarily chased my depression away. Now that my depression is virtually gone, I can be happy without reason, but your videos will always make my day. 😋

  11. The answer was eight because sentence is 8 letters long.

  12. I bet you did this:

    "So, I press A? Ok, I press R now. Now I pre- Wait a second… WHAT??? THAT'S NOT OK! I'M GONNA CUT THAT OUT"

  13. I know hat I’m watching ‘‘tis almost three years later but 666is the correct answer because it is six hundred and sixty six no offence

  14. IBallisticSquid it's not slap me do it's splat me do get it it's not a joke Doe

  15. im one of the only people who have beaten the impossible quiz
    (btw it took me all night; most likely 5 hrs)

  16. Also since you guys liked The Raft so much, theres another episode coming tonight! 🙂

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