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Who is the Minecraft Pro?! (Impossible Quiz)

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Today the @Regulars @Sigils @Biffle @Nicovald @Henwy battle it out for Minecraft supremacy in this epic Minecraft Quiz Challenge!



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❗About the Regulars❗
The Regulars are a group of four YouTuber friends named: Biffle, Henwy, Nicovald, and Sigils. On this channel they will be doing a lot of: lifestyle, reactions, vlogs, and challenges!

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Who is the Minecraft Pro?! (Impossible Quiz)


  1. Henwy: its 50 million
    Sigils: no its 10 million
    Me, an actual intelectual: its 60 million by 60 million

  2. I’m in the US and question seven, I knew school wasn’t allowing them Minecraft even on lunch break despite that people find ways to get him unlocked Minecraft and when I say unlocked and refrain to make a virtual let excuse or a website that’s not being blocked by the school districts Wi-Fi system

  3. The crafting recipe for a cake from top left to bottom right is wheat in the top row, sugar on the left and right side of the middle, egg in the very center, and three buckets of milk on the bottom row. I know this because my screensaver was the Minecraft recipe for cake, so I know it by heart.

  4. God loves all of us all so much He came in the flesh to die and rise so that if we choose to accept Jesus as our one true Savior turning from our sins we may be gifted eternal salvation through Christ’s perfect sacrifice on the cross. Have a wonderful week

  5. You know it's bad when you nail every single answer correctly

  6. They all failed astronomy jupiter the biggest planet then saturn, uranus, neptune, earth, venus, mars, mercury, pluto


  8. Thats true my school allowed me to play minecraft education edition

  9. bruh a minecraft world is 30 mil blocks and jupiter is the biggest planet

  10. 5 points… I am a freaking bot lol I have only played for a year though and I don’t play Java edition

  11. What do you mean neptune is bigger then jupiter the solar systems planet ramp up on size based on the planet and the sun

  12. Splash water bottles don’t actually damage endermen because of a bug

  13. If I was in this recording I would've gotten 2nd place because I got 10 points

  14. ᛞᚱᚨᚷᛟᚾ᛫ᛟᚠ᛫ᚺᛏᛏᚢᛞ᛫(dragon of HTTYD) says:

    Sigil said that they play Minecraft yet they don't know anything about the game or barely anything about the game

  15. I mean, one of teachers literally graded us based on how well we played Minecraft. No joke, in sixth grade during Enrichment/Study Hall the teacher gave us a list of Minecraft achievements, and told us to complete as many as possible.

  16. It he Minecraft world is 60million x 60million blocks

  17. dude henwy how do you think the uk is bigger then the USA neptune and jupiter like how

  18. 3 buckets o' milk on top, sugar on the two sides in the middle, an egg in the middle, and 3 wheat on the bottom!

  19. I live in the US and my brother got to play Minecraft as an assignment in school, so Sigils was right too

  20. But I'm in the us and at my school you can play Minecraft (well only in technology) but I'm just saying this test is not 100% accurate

  21. You are noobs lol love your vids but I know all of these

  22. i got a better score than biffle, and i dont even play minecraft!!

  23. You guys should start a Minecraft world together and upload the videos on this channel

  24. What's next: Henwy thinks Champion is the sequel to Gladiator?

  25. 2:41, bro the way they look at the camera 😂🤣😭 Especially Biffle! 🤣😂

  26. The Nico hand thumbnail has now been corrupted into the rest of the crew we need help immediately!!

  27. The USA does let's us play mincraft in school bc we have E sport

  28. I know more then them and I've been playing since 2020

  29. When u relize the Minecraft world has 33mill blocks in world length

  30. I wanna ask nico something… why did you quit insane craft?

  31. I think i more know about minecraft fact then mincraft gameplay and my self

  32. Stone and Infested Stone, why did it say Stone and Monster Egg!

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