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When They Didn’t Save The Skips (the impossible quiz ruins dan)

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dan and phil finally beat the impossible quiz. but at what cost?

– my immortal by evanescence
– spear of justice (sped up) undertale
– a bit of all star lol

*video editing and image edits by me. edited using adobe premiere pro and photoshop.*

*will no longer be uploading dan and phil edits on this channel here’s a playlist of all my publicly uploaded/archived dan and phil edits*:
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  1. I swear I've watched this 10000 times and I always lose it at 0:53
    Then everything is downhill and I end up crying laughing in my floor.
    Every godamn time

  2. Watching this for the first time I didn't scroll through the comments and I was eating chocolate chips and it was all slow and sad and then Dan came back in with someBODY ONCE TOLD ME- and I choked SO MUCH OH MY GOD AHAHAHA

  3. it feels so weird looking back on old videos after today's Big Confessional Video

  4. Is it bad these are the first videos I came back after the coming out? I feel so weird watching lol it's strange

  5. I want Dan & Phil to hire you as their official video editor xD

  6. WeRe NeVeR gOnNa FiNiSh ThE gAaAaAAmae

  7. anytime i see the original now it doesn’t feel right bc i’m used to this JSJSKS

  8. 1:29 is probably the most accurate recreation ever of how the phandom reacted when D&P finally came out.

  9. i looked up ‘danandphil impossible quiz’ this was the ONLY reason i looked this up HAHAHAH THANK YOU

  10. 2019 and still crying of laughter bc of this

  11. I was just scrolling down my feed and then i saw the thumbnail and i already fucking lost it.

  12. this video has been added to my "top quality content 🙌" playlist

  13. Omg I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you used an Evanescence song. Angsty teens listened to so much of that in the early 2000's. Dan has even referred to them a few times in older videos, when they were just starting to die down. Takes me back! <3

  14. The video buffered at exactly 0:13 and I was dying of laughter.

  15. it is unhealthy how many times a day i watch this video
    its been ~3 years.


  17. this is genuinely the funniest thing ever created

  18. 3 years later and this is still my favorite video on YouTube

  19. I love this so v v much that song and the black and white took me allll the way out

  20. What does that mean?
    confused noises
    Press the skip..
    N O.

  21. I never knew how much I needed this in my life

  22. dan had about 15 mental breakdowns in this video and ive memorized them all by heart

  23. I came here because 2020 is basically irl impossible quiz and I needed to relate with the edit xD

  24. Because I’ve seen this edit so many times, now every time I try to watch this part of their original video I can’t without thinking of this version and cracking up

  25. "Oh can a MaTCh bOX NO BUT a tIn CAAAN………..F U C K I N G M E T E O R S" plays in my mind daily

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