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UNEXCEPTABLE!! | The Impossible Quiz #2

Seif Hany
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  1. This is stupid you called your name jacksepticeye and you used his simbol you suck and will never be as successful as jacksepticeye an I mean the real jacksepticeye

  2. Bro, Your not like jacksepticeye or EVER going to be him. Jack loves his fans, but he doesn't like impersonators like you. FIND YOUR OWN GAMES! and by the way, BEGGING ppl to sub isn't going to help anything… (just saying) So why don't you FIND YOUR OWN GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stop copying jacksepticeye, he is trying to get these people off of youtube because he doesn't like them. and I'm willing to stick up for him.

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