Two Hours of Hell: The Impossible Quiz -

Two Hours of Hell: The Impossible Quiz

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  1. Can't believe I haven't seen this one yet. You're hilarious 🙂

  2. "This is a blast from the past" Yes and this stream is too now

  3. Did youtube catch any copyright on the video for the background music?

  4. it said do the opposite and dont click on the happy sun meaning you click on it i think

  5. Minamitsu Murasa (aliceintrainingCH) says:

    the sticky ball question is referring the prince from we love katamari and its prequel, basically you roll around a large ball picking up random crap to make it as large as possible. kinda funny.

  6. In case you never figured it out, you were supposed to do the opposite of not clicking the small happy sun, which would be clicking the small happy sun.

  7. I thought its "how many holes are in a polo(shirt), which is also 4 😀

  8. Sssssorry, you need ALL seven skips for Q 110, so if you skip Q 84 it's impossible to win.

  9. So this is what being on a panel of QI feels like.

  10. shoe polish has silver in it, thats why it would kill a werewolf.

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