trying to finish the impossible quiz in 2022 -

trying to finish the impossible quiz in 2022

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playing the impossible quiz in 2022

Jenn McAllister / jennxpenn


  1. i used to watch dan and phil play this 💀

  2. When Jenn said- "I can't beat this game and never will" I can here the baseball coaches and fathers saying- "well not with that attitude"

  3. I am SO creeped out, I was literally thinking of this yesterday!!!! I'm embarrassed about how much I remember

  4. dude that dog barking scared the fuck out of me fr

  5. talk about nostalgia lol 15:08 who remembers unfriended ???? 🙀

  6. I’ve never related to something more when you were talking about thinking you’re conscious and looking back and being like yeah no I wasn’t conscious it’s a constant battle I have in my head

  7. jenn should play any of the papa’s games

  8. Hey jenn you should really play coolmathgames likes the person in the chat said

  9. this pulled out memories I forgot I had hahaha played this constantly forever ago haha thanks for the nostalgia bestieee

  10. I feel like after the sleep stream everyone has trust issues

  11. It took dan and Phil 150 minutes and like ten videos to do this

  12. some believe that the psychic twins were the hackers this whole time

  13. chat was fully convinced we were being pranked when the game got hacked

  14. at least the glitch made me laugh even tho a guy just told me he got back with his ex after wasting a year of my life <3

  15. my name is bran so i thoroughly fucking screamed when that was just a random ass answer LMNFDSFSKDFHD LIKE WHAT? JENN SAID MY NAMEE?

  16. Idk why but I genuinely feel like me and Jen would be friends Irl, she’s so chill and normal it’s cool to see a creator who is so down to earth

  17. Impossible quiz walked so cards against humanity could run.

  18. im so amazed i remember so many of the first like 40 answers lol

  19. Honestly I personally still think Jenn is full of bull. She planned this guys, comonnn dont fall for it 😂

  20. jennnnn i was like born conscious…….what are you talking about?

  21. someone said it’s bc the psychic twins are out of jail that’s so funnykzskbss

  22. LMFAO THE "I lied for attention" DSJNM:SDJMN:FSD

  23. Faeces is just how it’s spelt in British English lol

  24. btw that "gaining consciousness" feeling will happen quite a few times throughout your adulthood! it's a natural part of aging.

  25. Do you guys remember World's Hardest Game?

  26. 23:55 the fact that you could have jusg skipped it both times 😭😭😭😭 u had 3 skips my love

  27. It’s so cute when the chat says hi YouTube 🥰hehe hiiii chatttt

  28. Does choosing "+1 skip" in that earlier question rig the game so that you can skip through all those levels as it answers itself?! 🤔 🤷🏼‍♀️

  29. Thank you!!! I always and trying to remember old games

  30. The reason this game doesnt actually make sense is because the creator made it for fans of his art so its littered with inside jokes

  31. i lied for attention is killing me 😭 kudos to them

  32. this game is legendary!! This brings back memories in 2008

  33. watching this was a fever dream what the hell is going on

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