Trixie and Katya vs 'The Most Impossible Trixie and Katya Quiz' | PopBuzz Meets -

Trixie and Katya vs ‘The Most Impossible Trixie and Katya Quiz’ | PopBuzz Meets

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To celebrate the return of UNHhhh, we challenged Trixie Mattel and Katya to take on a special Trixie and Katya edition of our infamous Most Impossible Drag Race Quiz 💄
How well do Trixie and Katya remember their own seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race? And can they remember their iconic UNHhhh intros? Watch the video to find out 👀

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  1. That Catherine Tate reference.

  2. trixie looks AMAZING OMG MAMASITAAAAA and katya just wowwwwww

  3. Did anyone else catch Katya's reference to Catherine Tate? "Would you like a gooseberry and cinnamon yoghurt?" 😂

  4. Katya looks like she has the baby filter on in this and I love it

  5. Ok so how did these two GODESSESSESES manage to look this spicy


  7. Did Katya juss reference Catherine tate 💀😭😭😩

  8. That orange is everything and Katyas hair omg living

  9. Trixie's British accent reminded me of Bimini.

  10. This is like their usual editing but it was 'bring your zoomer kid to work' day

  11. THE CATHERINE TATE REFERENCE! “I’m having a gooseberry and cinnamon yoghurt, would you like a gosebeery and cinnamon yoghurt?” 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I love how he says ‘catcha’ instead of ‘katya’

  13. That close up zoom on Trixies makeup was homophobic.

  14. I love all the ways Katya is trying to hide her right hand that has no nails through this video

  15. Katya making a Catherine Tate Show Posh Mum reference in her introduction is everything I needed today

  16. They are biting the Ru that feeds them and I LOVE it

  17. Gooseberry and cinnamon yoghurt ❤️👀👀👀 Catherine Tate

  18. Wait is season six of their show going to be on wow Presents exclusively?

  19. Not Katya knowing an OG Catherine Tate quote. As if this pair wasn't perfect enough already 😍

  20. Why does it look like Trixie has completely different arms here

  21. Between discussing the ramifications of the H&M drama and “Remember Pearl and Fame? The lip sync? 🤚🏻👄 double sashay“ Tracey woke up today and chose facts

  22. I love katya's Catherine tate reference! Cinnamon and gooseberry yoghurt! 😍

  23. Not Katya using a Catherine Tate quote as an intro!! Guys, I’m dead y’all!!

  24. This will hold me over until the new UNHhhh comes out on YouTube for us poors. LOL 😉

  25. 7:24 “Does Trixie Mattel is Alien? ”
    👽 The world may never know.

  26. This is the first time I understood both intro references, I feel ✨blessed✨

  27. the editing in this video is so chaotic but also hilarious

  28. they need to have their interviews edited like this from now on 😂

  29. That gooseberry and cinnamon yoghurt sketch lives rent free in my mind, I always love Katyas references

  30. Katya with the Catherine Tate references! Could not love her more if I tried!

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