Trixie and Katya vs 'The Most Impossible Trixie and Katya Quiz' | PopBuzz Meets -

Trixie and Katya vs ‘The Most Impossible Trixie and Katya Quiz’ | PopBuzz Meets

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To celebrate the return of UNHhhh, we challenged Trixie Mattel and Katya to take on a special Trixie and Katya edition of our infamous Most Impossible Drag Race Quiz 💄
How well do Trixie and Katya remember their own seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race? And can they remember their iconic UNHhhh intros? Watch the video to find out 👀

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  1. I can't listen to this the sound quality is so bad.

  2. Yessss calling out the judges !!!! Completely agree!!!

  3. Him trying to say “Unhhhh” is giving me Madame LaQueer realness

  4. Did no one else notice katya had a doll head in her wig

  5. Trixie and Katya: stunning and über fun. The host: … Why is he still talking?

  6. Not Katya half quoting New York when she was on Big Brother 🤣🤣 I love it. As soon as I heard "Old maiden" I died

  7. Kayta making the gooseberry joke is great. I love the posh people sketch

  8. I'm genuinely so happy that they called out the classism of the H&M situation. Just because Joe Black is well known in the UK scene doesn't make him wealthy by any means.

  9. Katya knowing Scully was played by Gillian Anderson is why I would die for her (correction, one of the many many many reasons).

  10. Katya and Trixie don't seem to be vibing with the host, and vice versa. It's really hard to watch in some parts of this. And I love them. So it.makes me automatically not like the host. Which I could be wrong.


  12. and i spend most of my free time visiting websites!😃

  13. Gooseberry and cinnamon yoghurt! I know that reference and I am not even British!

  14. you can go to 5 or 6 store or just 1😂😂 i lost it

  15. GOOSEBERRY-CINNAMON YOGHURT?! That was quite the surprise, hade me laugh to hard I had to pause the video.

  16. This randomly popped up in my recommended and I am so happy my two favorite queens referenced X-Files and Scully.

  17. Katya is smoking hot in this and idk what it is

  18. this editor ate you better be putting ha on all the new projects

  19. Thank you katya for knowing about Gillian Anderson on the x files

  20. Katya's katherine tate ref leaves me living.

  21. If you get the gooseberry and cinnamon yoghurt reference we’d be great friends

  22. This was edited by the UNHhhh guys right?

  23. Trixie making her introduction “you could go to five or six stores, or just ONE” made me BEYOND happy because I had an obsession with those videos and had the entire 12 minute compilation memorized

  24. this is the funniest interview with them of seen. closest to unhhh energy

  25. Katya's makeup is sooooo pretty I cannot get over how pretty she looks

  26. 5:18 Trixie’s “I’m in a rubber breastplate and that’s your effort” ✋🏼💀

  27. i love it when ms trixie serves her juicy,succulent and humongous driver's license and registration

  28. I like how he pronounces Katya as Ketchup with a silent p

  29. So is anyone else annoyed that this guy keeps mispronounced Katya? Jeez Louise, at least learn the proper pronunciation of the name of the person you're interviewing.

  30. Is the video glitching or it's just me

  31. Clips of this is going to be in compilations foreva

  32. i noticed that they filmed unhhhh episode 164 on the same day judging by the outfits🧡

  33. Katya is glowing! She looks beautiful (as always) but something about today!! Trixie slaying as always too 💐

  34. These are outfits they were wearing for the UNHhhh episode that came out yesterday. I didn't realize how far in advance they shot those.

  35. Did the UnHhhh editors edit this!! Because kudos if it were the PopBuzz ones!!

  36. Katya with the Catherine tate show reference

  37. I love that you edited this like Jeff and Ron! Thank you

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