THIS IS NOT OKAY | The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 -

THIS IS NOT OKAY | The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2

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This game… this game is unfair, unreasonable, and a whole lot of rage.

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  1. Before I watch the video I think there is rage, thumbnail + title = most certain rage 😛

  2. Earthworm Jim was okay. I had it on the Sega Genisis when I was 3 or 4. That might have actually been the first game I ever played. xD

    This game would drive me crazy if I tried it.

  3. Kinda long dialogue lolol. Ima start watching your channel more Ethan!

  4. Bahahaha this is hilarious!! xD Also great job editing, I love it 👍

  5. I love this game 🙂 this made me laugh so much thank you Ethan

  6. Ethan I just want to say you are the funniest guy I have seen in a while and you deserve so many more subs!!

  7. Your editing on these type of videos is always on point lmao

  8. ive been off the internet for awhile, time to spam watch and comment on all of the videos I missed !!

  9. Me in class BTW if I would have found that chip in my chair I probably would of had eaten it lol

  10. Your response to beating the pong game XD My goodness this game!

  11. It's truly adorable how you want to use logic and I am really cheering for you :') one day you will pass it. Maybe you will loose your mind on the way there but hey nothing is free 😀

  12. lmao your norman accent was hilarious. Not sure if it was supposed to be like a new yorker accent or what, but nice job

  13. the first alien voice he used sounded like King Bumi in Avatar: The Last Airbender

  14. This is amazingly horrible to watch. I hate not knowing how to do things as and most of these baffled me. how long did this actually take to complete?

  15. Ethan's voice ls were so good I forgot he was reading is different voices XD 💖

  16. Why do I always refer to Ethan as hun? I'm always like "chill hun"

  17. Ethan! How in the hecko haven't I found your videos until now?! I'm glad I did though!

  18. The way you pronounce phylominite (or whatever) is how I pronounce character names I don't know in books

  19. The Impossible Quiz makes me rage, but when Lil' Ol' Blueberry here takes a swing at the game it never fails to make me smile 🙂 Ethan makes this game enjoyable and worth it. I RAGE WITH THE BLUEBERRY TOO THOUGH! Also, "The world is a whole lot of memes" is my new life quote oml yes

  20. That was actually some really good singing Ethan XD

  21. Was that meant to be an Australian accent, when you were saying the other prisoner with tat green hand when they were tryin' to escape?

  22. slaps the like button in the face STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!

  23. no I'm not watching this for the 100the time
    helpppp me

  24. I found them from Mark applier and she's very hot we even share some of the same things we both live gaming and we both have acne


  26. Love your singing, so beautiful. I can tell you meant business with this game.

  27. Turn your volume up and listen to ethan scream

    have fun

  28. Okay but Ethan's hair looks fucking amazing in this video

  29. No matter how many times I watch this, I always end up shouting at my phone when you don't get the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy references that this game is literally FULL of O_o

  30. This is just great. I laughed so hard for no reason. Like cudos to you for not completely raging (or crying tbh) because me playing this would end in the death of a small child or myself. Or a broken computer. Whichever comes first😂

  31. Logic? pfffftt dumb!
    Common sense? pfffftt stupid!
    We don't use any of that here

  32. I love how he gets into the game the way he dose!

  33. they probed chris like they probed Cartmen. I hope somrone actually gets that reference.

  34. Sorry I'm spamming all your vids with comments

  35. I used to listen to fergalicious all the time then Ethan's Hit it Fergie video showed up in my recommened. It was basically calling my name. I watched it and became obsessed with his channel. that is the story of how I discovered Crankgameplays.

  36. I love watching you play this game and I LOVE YOUR HAIR IN THIS VIDEO!!! ❤️

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