THIS GAME MAKES ME PULL MY HAIR OUT!! - The Impossible Quiz Part 3 -

THIS GAME MAKES ME PULL MY HAIR OUT!! – The Impossible Quiz Part 3

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today we play the impossble quiz…..again O_O

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  1. And you thought dark souls had a high death count lol

  2. 1:31 that is a font called Wingdings. It's English, but you would have to change the font in order to see the correct phrase.

  3. The only hair you pulled off was your eyebrows.

  4. CherryRsR beat this game. She's actually pretty good at it. It's a MIND game so it is going to mess with your memory.

  5. @Daymon Harris stop ruining YouTube with ur hate.

  6. its not hieroglyphics
    its actually the wing dings text

  7. You don't have hair so how can you rip it out?

  8. so he played it before so he has no hair now

  9. Blast kick more ass than I thought doubleuntungru

  10. I think you had to remember blue,red,blue,yellow

  11. I know this game was made before undertale but the wingdings on question 45 made me think of gaster.

  12. the 42 question u click the question number

  13. LOLOL 7:49 [narrates in Morgan Freeman's voice "It was at this moment, playing The Impossible Quiz, that Blasty knew . . . . He f*ck'd up . . . . . . . . . . .Mmmmmmmmm, Titty Sprinkles"] xDDDDD

    – the answer to the one you were having trouble with "I hope you remembered" and there are a bunch of colored dots, the answer is back on question #50. Where it says "Remember" and below has Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow- then has a set of numbers in red, write down the numbers on a pad [you need them latter] and the multi-colored dots you click Blue, then Red, then Blue, then Yellow in order, to be able to progress. xDDD

    -[also a heads up, or spoiler alert, there is a question close to very end, that asks you to click ALL skips acquired, and it wants every last one, so only way to pull that off is when you obtain a skip. . . .never use ANY skips, until this exact point or it will fail] LOLOLOL xDDD


  15. anwers to 1-56 4,no but a tin can,the answer,shallots,elephant, the 2nd that one,teeth,the n in 2nd,i,f'taang,torch,house,h,17,hammer,letters that stand for the color for boggy,seal!,skip,bran,v,shoe polshish,arsefacey,28,abundunce,egg mayonnaise,3 woofs,babycham & human faeces,7,nope,mary rose,c.a.,duck hat,52nd 42,tom cruise,2nd,omgf u kills sonikku u bastud,snaaaake!,splapp-me-do,o.k.,…but pa might not,no, about 20cm off the ground,2nd,blue,red,blue,yellow.

  16. Carrot? You mean car rot OMG WTF LMFAO THAT GOT ME DYING OF LAUGHTER

  17. they are called trolls and the troll movie is based on them

  18. ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!! when it told you to remember the colors and numbers!! not kidding, I just got it! at 14:01!

  19. i guess the reason your bald is because of this video

  20. blast u don't have hair so how can u rip yo hair out

  21. I think thay was wing dings it was speaking in.

  22. Well he can't pull his hair out cause his a milk dud…

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