THIS GAME MAKES ME PULL MY HAIR OUT!! - The Impossible Quiz Part 3 -

THIS GAME MAKES ME PULL MY HAIR OUT!! – The Impossible Quiz Part 3

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today we play the impossble quiz…..again O_O

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  1. part 4 ppppplllllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. it was on question 50 like how blind do you have to be

  3. Take a shot every time he says ‘dammit’… drunk 😵 😂💕🥃

  4. What's the name of the instrumental in the background?

  5. Only W.D Gaster can answer question number 45

  6. but maurice you don't have hair to pull out

  7. You know a game is impossible to beat when a bald man can tear his hair out by playing it.

  8. Title: this makes my want to pull my hair out!

    Me: what hair?

  9. "THIS GAME MAKES ME PULL MY HAIR OUT" whatever makes you happy Maurice

  10. 15:44 you saw the answer right hint don’t be blind it literally says remember blue red blue yellow also 1:37 it’s not hieroglyphics it’s wing dings

  11. I like how it tells u before the fight scene to remember blue red blue yellow

  12. Not tryin to be mean but why did u put this game makes me pull my hair out when u dont have hair😕😕😕😕😧😧😧

  13. 6 years later…….. STILL WAITING FOR PART 4

  14. Stop moaning in frustration, you're gonna get me in trouble with my mom XD

  15. You see, the title of this video does not fit. You don't have hair 😂

  16. Did ANYONE notice that question 45 was in Wing Dings?
    Just me?… alright :

  17. You are about this life bro or baild boy ha

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