THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE | The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 -

THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE | The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1

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More rage than ever in The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1!

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  1. Thanks for flashing me cx enjoyed it for the 2.5 seconds i had XD

  2. the impossible quiz was the first game i like really played and at this point ive memorized almost every question

  3. question 19; from the first impossible quiz question 2 was "can a match box " n the answer was "no but a tin can"

  4. question 19; from the first impossible quiz question 2 was "can a match box " n the answer was "no but a tin can"

  5. YESSS. I love this game! I used to play it all the time when I was younger. After watching this, I really wanna play again.

  6. Haha yeah the struggle to understand that game is real.

  7. this stressed me out by just watching lol

  8. haha! This game is almost impossible! I love you even counted again to make sure the 7th letter was G. I mean, what else could the answer have been?! Great editing at the connect the dots part, when you moved around the screen as you said "what" 😀 I would have a heck of a time with this game. It makes for some great reactions though!

  9. At the 17th question you pressed C….get it? C. The creator's pun game is pot on XD

  10. I never found video that would perfectly describe me getting through grammar school. Until this day and it is so accurate it scares me. Well done nice video 😀

  11. Who else thought that he was gonna take his shirt off?

  12. when you said the dentist appointment is 2:30 that means tooth hurty

  13. I feel like your reactions to this game are my reactions to my life everyday…

  14. For some reason, I was just expecting you to start crying, or maybe break your mouse or something xD. Hey! Can you play Assassin's Creed?!


  16. the alpHabet. the seventh letter of the phrase… H…

  17. Number six is not a question. It's a statement it's saying that "What"(the word what) is the best thing since sliced bread.

  18. You were supposed to press "H" because it's the seventh letter of the phrase "the alphabet"

  19. Why does Ethan panic like there's a time limit? Like, it's so hard to follow along when he's just rapidly clicking…

  20. I love how it was the first question and Ethan was already freaking out😂😂

    "What is the seventh letter of the alphabet?"
    "The Alphabet." H is the seventh letter in that sentence. That is why you had to press it.

  22. If You Go On Marks Channel…Everyone Knows That Ethan Isn't Actually Like This ;-;

  23. You know, some people listen to the like soothing rain and stuff to go to sleep. Nah man I listen to ETHAN

  24. ok but why is ethans entire demeanor in this video me every single day

  25. Yes. Strip… Sorry not enough sleep after surgery XD

  26. Who else smiles the second that Ethan starts talking in this videos 🙂

  27. If jack and mark could have a child yep thats him

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