The ULTIMATE JoJo QUIZ is IMPOSSIBLE. (ft. Gigguk & CDawgVA) -

The ULTIMATE JoJo QUIZ is IMPOSSIBLE. (ft. Gigguk & CDawgVA)

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We all love JoJo… but who knows it the best? Let’s find out!

Garnt (Gigguk):
Connor (CDawgVA):

I Went to a JoJo bar:
ULTIMATE JoJo Pose Challenge:
I Read ALL the JoJo Manga in 41 Days:


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  1. Why is no one talking about how survivour is literally a fucking band.
    They literally sang one of the most famous songs of all time "eye of the tiger" you might of fucking heard of it.

  2. I think I got 5 wrong total, and they were either from parts I hadn't read or they were very obscure.

  3. Totally amazing video of the ultimate jojo challenge ever,fantastic job very hilarious fun to watch too.

  4. i didnt see the warning at 15:21 in time and accidentally got spoiled for part 5. i am on part 4
    these are sad times

  5. 15/19 makes me feel like a Japanese high school student on a journey to kill the man that killed my ancestor

  6. Radio head would be a fitting alternative name for superfly.

  7. i got 18 points i didnt get the walk man and the roundabout questions

  8. Joey dying with the spicy dish while the other 2 boys are EATIN' GOOD 😂

  9. Ive bought every single book of jojos all the manga this was fun to watch

  10. i was right about egypt gods Question tho🤣🤣

  11. 2:50 Cream, it's a pun, that's EZ
    5:02 Hermit Purple
    5:52 Bad company is a stand I think
    6:16 Band
    6:52 Band
    7:32 uuuh that sounds dope I'm going to guess Stand
    8:22 grants vebal reaction is about the same as my mental one….. um Stand?
    9:22 my reaction again… wtf!

  12. 11:22 idk… wait which is first ending… uh the one with the blood flowing in the ruins to the mask right

  13. 12:10 crap I haven't actually sat though the whole of part 3 yet… uh True..
    If not it wasn't said that mean times i think

  14. 13:03 oh no… uuuh it's… idk man
    Gangstars 🤣🤣 nah but seriously I got nothing

  15. 13:28 they are named after Puns maybe.

    Idk I also thought uh tero cards or Gods maybe

    F i should've said Gods! Vanilla Ice & Cream f-ed me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. 14:19
    ….. uh, scout 🤣🤣🤣 I remember the Dog perfectly but not it's name… uuuuh Winchester…. Bob? Uuuuh idk man

  17. 14:58 um grows his finger nails… not cuts them… bites them?
    Haven't seen part part 2 only clips really
    And a bunch of clips and random episodes of part 3 because someone else was watching it.

  18. 16:32 the hell… idk all I know is he could've died from making a joke and he's still kicking way after that

  19. Ruin an anime's name by replacing a word from it, with "balls".
    I dare you, but I know you can do it guys!

  20. This video may be a year old but it never fails to put a smile on my face

  21. Wait isn't there three survivors of passione. Since Trish survived

  22. IIl llll lllll
    Ha I git 12 points to
    I'm a super fan and yea this quiz was pretty hard

  23. Boys 2 man, named after boyz to men doesn’t count so I wonder what esidisi was named after

  24. average anime man drinking milk got me 💀

  25. tomb of the boom(a stand from part 7) is an outkast song

  26. brooooooooooooo why didnt you ask about d4c man im soooooooooooo disappointed bruv i cant imagine you didnt ask tha tquestion like ruhuwha9hdaw8dadwa ghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  27. 15/19 I thought vanilla ice was cream but I am reading stbr and hot pants stand is cream starter

  28. Feel like it's kinda a testament to my knowledge when the only question I got wrong was Boys II Men.

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