The ULTIMATE JoJo QUIZ is IMPOSSIBLE. (ft. Gigguk & CDawgVA) -

The ULTIMATE JoJo QUIZ is IMPOSSIBLE. (ft. Gigguk & CDawgVA)

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We all love JoJo… but who knows it the best? Let’s find out!

Garnt (Gigguk):
Connor (CDawgVA):

I Went to a JoJo bar:
ULTIMATE JoJo Pose Challenge:
I Read ALL the JoJo Manga in 41 Days:


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  1. The moment when find out that you know more Jojo than Garnt and Conner. And win the game with more points than both:
    "Is this the work of an enemy Stando?!"
    Holy Sheet!

  2. I need an ID on that Buccurati shirt Garnt is wearing

  3. For a person who just finished part 4, getting 12 was not bad.

  4. Well did really well on this like a professional Jojo fan but still missed a few and got tricked by the Boys II Men question so I guess I gotta watch the series 4 more times to improve.

  5. I got all of them right in the last section

  6. Think of a radiohead stand user with a paranoid Android stand that’s like perfect

  7. I'm a huge Jojo fan and even I got some wrong lmao

  8. After watching the anime i only got 5 points

  9. Bad company is not a stand name, it is a band name. Worse company is the stand name. Btw, Radiohead does have a stand named after it. It is called Baby head and it is from part 5

  10. Joey did deserve that after that Boyz II man question, got me too. Also to garnt's statement is it not the best way to end a JoJo themed video with something vaguely homoerotic?

  11. I got 13 correct. Looks like I'm doing pretty well.

    distant "rally-ho"

  12. 18 baby! not bad, not perfect but not bad. I got slipped up on 2 or 3 of these.

  13. r1 – 4/5
    r2- 3/5
    r3 – 8/10
    me with 15 points" i is the biggest jojo fan confirmed "

  14. heaven's door +1p
    hermit purple +1p
    bad company +1p
    i forgot +1p
    boyz ii men +1p
    roundabout yes +1p
    yes +1p
    never +1p
    passione +1p
    (tarot cards +1p)
    danny +1p
    bites the nail +1p
    false +1p
    the beatles +1p
    jojoooo +1p

  15. I'm surprised I got 14 Points despite it being about 2 or 3 years since I watched Jojo, I thought I was gonna do a lot worse.

  16. I only got two wrong. The Boy II Men (BS btw I don’t wanna count it) and “It must be the work of an enemy stand” one (which is also a trick question because of the Koichi thing!)

  17. “This is slightly homoerotic”
    ofc it is its JoJos

  18. Actually I wouldn't forget on the spot. I love jojo too much to forget it.

  19. 17:08 I love how Joey had to say the lyrics fast so they wouldnt hit the button before he was done

  20. I just finished Jojo for these bois, let's see how I do. 😉😉

  21. I love the nujabes music in the background

  22. I find it funny that the punishment was meant to be done by the loser however they are all just buds and just all ate it together XD

  23. It just tastes like a thai dish…dies off camera

  24. At the end of the day, JoBro friendship won.

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