The Story of the Impossible Quiz Book -

The Story of the Impossible Quiz Book

The Bronze Cat
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A playthrough of all three chapters of The Impossible Quiz Book with no commentary, without skipping cutscenes.
Chapter 2 is hard, though…


  1. That Was The Longest 20 Minutes And 43 Seconds I Have Ever Seen

  2. I don't understand a single fucking thing going on in this, but I absolutely love it

  3. 1:34 splapp missed out on a reference to the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

  4. And the pac frank game had the ee ore sound. Lol

  5. 18:41 Splapp: 95% of people can’t get past this question without the fusestopper
    This player:

  6. I remember playing these games as a child. So much nostalgia.

    In 2015 or 2016 I managed beat all of them. However I couldn't do the most recent one which is the Christmas One.

    Might get to that one day.

  7. 20:37 Hey high five Bob, don’t worry I’ll high five myself

  8. LOADING is a reference to the SEGA choir singing SEGAAAAAA but with the phovolomites singing it, it is a wonderful reference. LOAADING

  9. Top 10 hardest questions:
    10: 80
    Not too bad
    9: 78
    Easy once you know where to go
    8: 121
    Just hard to figure out
    7: 98
    Depending on how long it took to complete the previous question, you will barely have time for this one
    6: 141
    Entirely up to guessing
    5: 108
    How did the first person figure this out?
    4: 47
    I can NEVER get this without a fusestopper
    3: 86
    Same with this one
    2: 138
    Sometimes I don't get this even after I used my fusestopper
    1: 70
    There is NO strategy for completing this one

  10. i heard time machine reference

  11. What's happening with question 8?? I didn't see you press anywhere

  12. Why does so many videos explode the impossible quiz after they reach level 150?

  13. BTSC7️⃣8️⃣9️⃣ / Ad, Bot & Crazy Hater says:

    In question 59 you click the 59th block

  14. BTSC7️⃣8️⃣9️⃣ / Ad, Bot & Crazy Hater says:

    u use fuse stopper it was almost game over went to 0 in question 86

  15. 0:14
    Kim Chhay:I Thought Was Impossible Quiz 3 );

  16. In chapter 3, several question from the past game had return but with a twist
    Question 105(Time start to get damaged, question return from Impossible Quiz 1)
    Question 107(Same as question 105, question return from Impossible Quiz Demo)
    Question 114(You had to touch the place where Chris stand, not Chris because in doing so you deleted Chris since this create a time paradox and you are Chris and return from Impossible Quiz 2)
    Question 119(Same as queston 105 and 107, return from Impossible Quiz 2)
    Question 118(When you move the penguin, it just a time scar. The actual correct answer was "It blow your hand off", return from Impossible Quiz 2)
    Question 121(Press the big hole to through, the dot which was correct answer from original was not in this quiz, return from Impossible Quiz 1)
    Question 124(Elephant dropped, combined from both Impossible Quiz 1 and 2)
    Question 138(Move the mouse instead of try to throw the bomb, because he actually head to question itself)
    Question 140(Several answer from other quiz had been mixed)
    Question 142(Lava and some "42" dropped, return from Impossible Quiz 1)
    Question 148(Lava and bomb, return from all previous Impossible Quiz)

  17. 06:57 Is rather thought I heard this chime sound since childhood…

  18. 13:45 Chris McCloud (Of course the outfit is a reference from Star Fox!)

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