The Presidents Take On The Impossible Quiz (Part 5) -

The Presidents Take On The Impossible Quiz (Part 5)

Presidential Fellas
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Joe, Donald and Barack delve even deeper into the impossible quiz, reaching a new milestone but losing chunks of sanity along the way.

Disclaimer: The voices used in this video are AI generated.

Hey guys, I am so tired, Lebron got swept, Jimmy about to do the same to the Celtics and a new video is finally out! Sorry and all that but I’ve had a couple of more valid personal reasons come up to halt progression. Night 7 of FNaF should be coming tomorrow along with Part 6 of Impossible Quiz the day after and FNAF compilation video after that. Then depending on whole long it takes to finish Impossible Quiz, I will fill the alternating days with shorter chill videos like Smash and Uno and then I’m probably going to take a few days proper break. Most likely only a couple, but I need a few days where I actually know I’m not going to do any work. After that I’ve got a couple series I wanna try and obviously my June predictions are already announced so yeah.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed, feel free to like, comment and sub (if that is your desire) and have an amazing day 🙂


  1. The fact that one of the presidents said “whilst” tells me the uploaded is either British or Indian.

  2. Joe came in clutch with the invisible cursor

  3. I never made it this far myself, think I kept failing the Shooting Star one

    But the answer to MJ's Nose Jobs actually sent me 🤣

  4. 7:49
    that had me shocked… from an AI
    Like, where do you see AI saying: “GOD FUCKIN DAMNIT, DONALD!!! YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!!!” That expressive?

  5. Love this so much 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  6. 7:32 – that is just lame how there's no epic music playing while they're doing the epic 10, instead some shitty calm music plays instead, can you pls add the song that play in that epic 10 instead of the one that plays here?

  7. Bro please stop putting that spoiler at the end of each episode, i've already seen it but I wish you would stop since a lot of people haven't seen it or are actively watching it and it hinders the experience of such an amazing show

  8. Im going to be honest, these aren't that funny but it's still nice to vibe with the presidents so i watch it anyways

  9. I love you but fuck your ear rape outro playing on my tv at 2 am

  10. This is more entertaining than everything else that's playing

  11. bro ur an actual god, dont burn yourself out we love these

  12. Gotta admit , thought I would hate these videos but they are hilarious !! Keep up the good work !

  13. I was falling on the floor laughing when donald messed up and Biden is like GOD FUCKING DAMMIT DONALD YOU HAD ONE JOB! hehehehehe >w<

  14. Two episodes in a row mentioning Big Ol Women in San Antonio 😆
    Many NBA References, love it

  15. Considering how many skips they have, I wonder if they will fail the final question lol

  16. Shoutout to the big ol women in San Antonio. Love me some Charles Barkley

  17. Literally one of the best series I've seen on Youtube in years. Well done!

  18. "counterpoint i'm literally him" had me fucking dying bro

  19. These are absolutely golden

  20. What’s green and has sticky balls surprised michelle isn’t an option. Had me dead laughing so hard. I s**t my pants.😂

  21. The last thing I ever thought to hear on this channel was a Charles Barkley reference 💀

  22. By the way, you can do the pink level if you right click and use the context menu as a "bridge".

  23. Not me a San Antonian getting attacked about our women lol

  24. Question 86 was a princess and the frog reference. How did Biden get it with Katamari Demacy?

  25. I never knew question 86 was a katamari damacy reference

  26. "2 afk questions in a row" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. 3:37 Warning: Cartoon gore of a leg being broken off

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