The Presidents Take On The Impossible Quiz (Part 2) -

The Presidents Take On The Impossible Quiz (Part 2)

Presidential Fellas
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Joe, Donald and Barack head back into battle with the increasingly more difficult Impossible Quiz.

Disclaimer: The voices in this video and all my previous videos are AI generated. The ones in your head… well that might just be a different story.
I’m playing. That’s probably just your internal monologue (I hope).

Hey guys, video out today yippee! Video out later then hoped 🙁 But yeah I do plan to continue with this series as well as the FNaF series in alternating days and again I’ll make a bold claim and probably not keep to it but tomorrow there might be 2 videos as well as the day after. The odds that that’s what happen is 50/50 truthfully. I hope to do it but I don’t know if I will. I still got a couple other video ideas I wanna try out and see if people like and if they do I’ll keep doing them when I do get to them and it’ll give me the green light to just try more stuff in general so there’s more variety with uploads!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video! Feel free to like, comment and sub (I SUMMON POT OF GREED TO DRAW 3 ADDITIONAL CARDS FROM MY DECK!) and have an amazing day 🙂


  1. The “oh, my bad Joe, never doubting you again” sent me

  2. 2:48
    “Who actually knows what’s in shamPOOoo-“

  3. "Only cowards skip!"

    -Joe Biden 2023

  4. I love how somehow you managed to get Barack AI to take a deep breath.

  5. Was not expecting the De’Aaron Fox shoutout, light the beam!

  6. I've got work in 3 hours and need to sleep. Instead I'm watching whatever the hell this is. Tomorrow me is gonna hate this, but I love it jeez

  7. In the despair that is the 2020s I am so glad to have AI president content

  8. The minerals joke got me. Bravo, Presidential Fellas

  9. Bro Joe becoming Ben Shapiro by the day

  10. Jesus christ they're minerals Barack 👨‍🦲

  11. "They're minerals, Jesus Barack!"

    Oh my God lol

  12. Unleash hell on the "7" button 😀
    man i wish all those presidents conversations are real.

  13. Somehow I made sense of the pictograph question and I think it was asking for a postal address so bottom left because he was writing a response back

  14. it's distracting that they're speaking as if they're on the browser version but the gameplay is the mobile version

  15. Every single one of these I see is now Canonical to reality 😂

  16. -Woof. Woof. Woof.
    -“Hard to argue with that assessment.”

    Oh my god 😂

  17. 7:12 It's written in Wingdings font. It translates to:



    Indeed – WRONG

    Why not? – ROFL

  18. Love the way it starts speaking in Wing Dings. Like anyone can read… whatever that was. This quiz is an interesting experience.

  19. The hieroglyphics question was the upper right answer. It's just Wingdings. Question is "Potatoes fly." Answers are "Indeed", "WRONG", "Why not?", and "ROFL" Answer is "WRONG" because potatoes don't fly.

  20. I would draw the line at hieroglyphs too😂

  21. Wait till they make it to the end and regret using those skips

  22. Joe's thinking skills are one thing, but Jesus Christ Obama's clicking speed is something else.

  23. This is scary. The AI sounds 100% like people and the specific people they are replicating.

  24. Ok that elephant one only makes sense on the PC Version..

  25. Never thought I'd be revisiting my childhood with former presdients

  26. I remember this quiz back in the day omg. I think I've beat it only twice in my life, both when I was like 11/12. It's impossible to beat if you use any skips too.

  27. "De'Aaron Fox we should be clutch player of the year" Joe knows ball 😂

  28. Oh my fucking god you kill sonic you bastard 😂😂😂

  29. question number 45 (the skipped one) is wingdings btw idk what it says cuz im not translating that but still thats what it is

  30. This isn't even like a funny "ooh haha presidents are playing game together funny joke" skit. This is literally an AI let's play and I'm watching it and enjoying it

  31. They really tried covering up on using mobile with that Elephant one

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