The Presidents Take On The Impossible Quiz 2 -

The Presidents Take On The Impossible Quiz 2

Presidential Fellas
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Disclaimer: All voices used in this video are AI generated. This is in no way an attempted impersonation of the presidents, it is a simple parody.

Joe, Donald and Barack have once again come to face the legendary journey which is the Impossible Quiz but this time it has a two on the end!!! Can Joe’s freakish natural affinities for the quiz keep the team afloat or will they crash and burn multiple times? Find out next time on Dra- in this video!

Hey guys. I’m still tired. Sorry. Not proper details tonight. Slowly working down the clock though. Hopefully over the next few days my uploads will come earlier and I’ll be less exhausted.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful way to start August. Thanks Presidential Fellas for another awesome video that I'm sure to enjoy!

  2. “You guys ever need to sneeze but then accidentally hold it in and your face feels like it’s consumed all the universe’s knowledge?”
    “Can’t say that I have, Joe.”
    Impossible Quiz is back! I already know this is going to be a great series!

  3. Great video and I can just sense the rest of this series will slap

  4. I see they didn't know about the 30-question impoosible quiz demo released a couple years before the first impossible quiz. The demo is the "very first" impossible quiz. Some of its questions appear in the first full quiz, with the rest being in the game played in this video. Interestingly, question 117 of the impossible quiz 2 is randomly picked from 7 demo questions.

  5. so the answer to that last question is 30, because there was a like "beta" version that was only 30 questions long

  6. you have no idea how hype I am for more presidents acing the impossible quiz though divine inspiration!

  7. The second round of mental chaos brought on by the ungodly mind of Splapp-me-Do has commenced…and I’m going to stay tuned.

  8. Amazing video 💖💖💖💖 love it so much

  9. When I saw one of the options of the first question was "Barracks" I was expecting Joe and Donald to mock Barack

  10. Great sound effects for turning the computer upside down.

  11. I love the camaraderie they have in the Impossible Quiz vids. Great job

  12. I’m glad it wasn’t just me but Obama also realised Trump synced his speech with the game 😂

  13. Is it just me or did the already play this and those old videos got taken down and these are new uploads? Like i swear the old mario kart vids disappeared to and shit

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