The Presidents Take On The Impossible Quiz 2 (1-5): The Complete Saga -

The Presidents Take On The Impossible Quiz 2 (1-5): The Complete Saga

Presidential Fellas
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Joe, Donny and Barack try their hand at a quiz even more quizzer, even more impossibler and even more 2er than the Impossible Quiz. That quiz being the Impossible Quiz 2: This time it’s personal! (unofficial tagline).

Disclaimer: All voices used in this video are AI generated. This is in no way an attempted impersonation of the presidents. It is a simple parody.

Hey, I’m still back. But again, words mean little. Actions means a lot.

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  1. I kinda wish they didn't beat 67 and 120 so easily, but great video!

  2. disappointed they didnt get the flock of seagulls reference

  3. 4:50 i literally saw the word click the question number twice immediately

  4. I remember when part 1 was first uploaded and I still don't even know how Barack didn't notice that "Barracks" which is very similar to his name was one of the options on the first question.

  5. Finally, No more having to waste clicks or not having a queue on the mobile version
    Is the impossible quiz book next? I hope you save the impossible quizmas for christmas

  6. Please play the impossible quiz book next , PLEASEEEEEE ,and play the impossible quizmas for Christmas

  7. The thing I love most abt this channel is they somehow manage to have different tones of voice, add breathing and they occasionally inhale before speaking as oppose to other channels that just have them speak in a monotone voice and just sound how any ai voice would sound. Plus the personalities of the presidents, and the chemistry they have together. Almost like an actual friend group, and doesn't feel like watching robots but rather real people but in this case presidents.

    TL;DR: me like channel and these presidents personalities.

  8. Isn’t there some collection of Chris’s adventures that collectively would count as the third Impossible Quiz in the series?

  9. "Gotta make sure you don't try grabbing it, Donnie" (I get it)

  10. "you are sucha stupid son of a b-🦅"😂😂

  11. Желаю тебе 100000 подписчиков

  12. how many questions does the "very first" impossible quiz have? well its 30 because in the demo there used to be 30 questions i know you already answer it but i hope you know

  13. 15:50 I love the delivery on this. The stammering from Trump is just 😚👌

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