The Presidents Take On The Impossible Quiz 1-6: The Complete Saga -

The Presidents Take On The Impossible Quiz 1-6: The Complete Saga

Presidential Fellas
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Joe, Donald and Barack face off against a challenge harder than any they took on during their presidency (That’s a joke (please don’t hurt me)). This challenge taking form as The Impossible Quiz. This is their story *DUN DUN*.

Disclaimer: All voices in this video are AI generated.

Hey guys, Mario Kart will be resume soon but it turns out burnout (rhyme!) is not a thing you can just ignore and run through. The issue I’ve got right now is that I have a lot of ideas but sitting down and actually making the videos is just tough to do at this current moment. As for this video, it’s a nice filler video and I got a surprising amount of requests for releasing a complete video so who am I to say no. That’s all I’ve really got to say for today but hopefully after I get through this faze I should be back with daily uploads.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video, feel free to like, comment and subscribe (if that’s what you wanna do) and have a great day 🙂

Gameplay Credit: Me!


  1. Hey dont mention different channels on a different channel

  2. Bro, I Got An Ad With Joe And Obama While Watching.

  3. I like how joe references Charles Barkley talking about the women in San Antonio

  4. Idk man…the impossible quiz has like 155 questions I doubt you can actually beat it without making 3 mistakes

  5. The last question was not a fake out you just didn't have enough skips

  6. obama's and joe's secret:

    they knew all of the answers bc they putted it on they're PC in a sticky note

  7. "It's not a game, it's an experience" -Team Roblox

  8. That was the most chill and proffecional playthrough of this game xd, then again its 3 old men playing it, but it was good damn, they probably didnt show all the fails while trying to come back to where they were tho xd

  9. Donald Trump for sure saw that tamago vid

  10. I must ask how you make Obama's voice so bouncy and full of personality. My attempts are just average at best, but you take it to a whole other level!

  11. IT HAD TO BE G this game dose'nt even now nothing

  12. clutch players of the year this is all time stuff! 🤣🤣🤣

  13. You literally cannot get question 37 wrong, i tried

  14. 13:33 The duck curse as i like to call it. Sometimes the duck thanos snaps a life away, since you had only one left, you got the curse and lost the last life causing the game over.

  15. 12:14 this is by far the easiest question on the quiz for there is no wrong answer.

  16. (y) understand it yet? ( y ) did that help or harder? But its innapropiate so i cant say it

  17. 17:48 Obama not knowing what a centimeter is proves he didn't fake his birth certificate

  18. 42:15 I like the part Barack said, I HAD IT WITH THIS MOTHERF***IN QUIZ ON THIS MOTHERF***IN WEBSITE.

  19. I think this website they’re playing the quiz on is poki because it keeps crashing

  20. I gotta admit, I actually thought the real presidents would be playing this game xD

  21. I legit thought after the start that you were gonna do the whole thing without losing a single life xD

    Anyway, this is really good!

  22. so in level 45 the question and all the answers are in a font called "Wingdings"

  23. I guess you could say they cut it close.

  24. Bro casually showed Question 34 from the mobile version and thought we wouldn't notice

  25. 13:33

    "What the hell?!! I saw a duck and suddenly we lost a life! Goddammit!!!"

    I'm dead 🤣🤣🤣

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