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The Possible Quiz

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I took a quick look at the impossible quiz on stream.


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  1. I played the impossible quiz on ipad and when I reached the dont touch the blue part i didnt even have to go around the screen i just touched it

  2. This dude puts so much effort in his video. And this is a genuine comment not some bot copy pasting on multiply channels. I really enjoyed this video. Really great work!

  3. You talk too much ⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. I’ve been playing this game for years and never realized Q.37 allowed all answers… I’ve pressed “no way” every time 😭😭😭

  5. I remember that series of numbers on question 50 by heart. And not because of the impossible quiz. Anybody in the know will understand.

  6. I never expected to click on this video there were certain things I never expected to be reminded of. The fact my brother used to eat tissues box lids was definitely on that list. I’ll have to ask him what cardboard tasted like when he comes home.

  7. Slippy road is from Star fox, one of the 4 team Star fox characters from the first game

  8. this is not a video I expected to see in the year of our lord 2022 but yet here we are.

  9. Imagine someone playing this quiz and finally getting to the last hardest. they've been at it for hours, and how not skipped. yet. Then, it's time for the final spider-monkey one. they click and they click, but just aren't fast enough, and the timer hits 1. Panicking, they use a skip thinking it's over, the first and only skip of that run. Then, it dawns upon them that they should not have skipped. They are so close to completion, if it wasn't for that split-second decision of extreme panic. Angry, they cry out "Curse you, Splapp-me-do!" and have an emotional breakdown
    these are the horrors that can happen when playing the impossible quiz.

  10. 24:57 toby fox fans could do this instantly just like how pokemon fans can. Read unknown and gravity falls fans can speak backwards

  11. He said it'd 10:23 pm when it was 10:09 pm irl

  12. People gotta stop being racist, black people have such a 🅒🅞🅞🅛 mindset

  13. Chat: why ragequit, u loser
    Me: you beat a flash game but suffer of insomnia and other things caused by lack of sleep, what’s the point if you suffer in real life for a flash game? Get a grip chat,

  14. The reason why selecting "no" killed you is because the website where you are playing the quiz does not save your progress. The question worked correctly on some other flash websites.

  15. damn man best 1 hour and 37 minutes of my life.

    👑 👑 👑 👑

  17. I literally got a “pick the starfish” and then immediately after got the dice one, how did they manage to have both the easiest and hardest one right next to each other

  18. if i may ask so politely not to make you hate your life or to see you suffer but it i and maybe some others would like you to do the impossible quiz 2 if i would be as so kind to ask again as said i do not want you to suffer just to play it

  19. Ngl, seeing you had one life on question 78 (the Deja Vu one, at 48:55), I was half hoping you got it wrong, asked yourself when was any of those the correct answer, then immediately realised when answering Question 1 lmao

  20. The letter n doesn't follow december 2nd as in "it comes after it". Instead it quite literally follows it, because if you were to move the words december 2nd, the n would move as well.

  21. Egg mayonnaise because when you eat fast food you put the mayo on the cardboard

  22. I thought the Bridget question was Gay, because liking Bridget makes You gay. Disappointed it wasn't a Guilty Gear reference

  23. Is he gonna play The Impossible Quizmas game now? lol

  24. The history in this video is the type of history I wished my history teachers would teach

  25. 22:15 i never played it and not going to, but if i would i would remember the position of "next question" button on my screen, then alt+tab, move my mouse and alt+tab back.

  26. 108 is a reference to the show lost where every 108 minutes they have to put in a code or else this big magnet will go off or something and the code is 4 8 16 23 42

  27. Absolutely incredible work, sir! I feel like I should both thank you and apologise to you in equal amounts. 😆

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