The Possible Quiz 2 -

The Possible Quiz 2

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Either I beat The Impossible Quiz 2, or it beats me.
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Impossible Quiz 2 A* Stream

💿 tracklist
Stay Whimsical – Arthur Benson (ES)
Air Conditioning – Guustavv (ES)
North Cackalacky – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist (ES)
Sage and Incense – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist (ES)
Winter at the Lake – Justnormal (ES)
Pizza Delivery Theme | Spider-Man 2 Game OST – Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis
tempura – Justnormal (ES)
A Love Waltz – Justnormal (ES)
Für Elise – Ludwig van Beethoven
Introduction | Zero Wing OST – Masahiro Yuge, Tatsuya Uemura, Toshiaki Tomizawa
Santa Monica Pier – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist (ES)
Think You Can Get Me – Mac Taboel (ES)
Rowing Rivers – Guustavv (ES)
Quit – Smartface (ES)
The Last Artificer | In Other Waters OST – Amos Roddy
Still No Wifi – Dylan Sitts (ES)
Villas – Dylan Sitts (ES)
Seductive Treasure – Colors of Illusion (ES)
Imminent Darkness – Prozody (ES)
Symphony no. 7 in A major, op. 92: II. Allegretto – Beethoven
Can o’ Salt | Super Meat Boy OST – Danny Baranowsky
Onaji – Auxjack (ES)
Odd Behaviour – Arthur Benson (ES)
In the Hotel Lounge – Redeemin’ (ES)
CYBER DREAM – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist (ES)
Bright Eyes – Simon & Garfunkel (Instrumental cover by RonV1966)
Close One – John Bickerton (Better known as “In Your Face – Tatsu Takahashi”)
Instant Vintage – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist (ES)
The Lonely Man – Joe Harnell (Cover by Michael Kenton)
Requiem in D minor, K. 626: 3. Sequentia: Lacrimosa – Mozart
Remove The Complexities – Peter Sandberg (ES)
Stubborn Spirits – Blue Topaz (ES)
Rey Mysterio – Boobie Lootaveli (KEIFERGR33N Remix)

Tracks marked (ES) are from Epidemic Sound. Start a free trial using my link and I’ll get a commission!


  1. 1:03:55 OOOOOHHHH, PEA-NUTS, okay yeah, that makes far more sense and is far less concerning.

  2. is that a tiny apple, or are you a giant?

  3. The hottest summer in England was when the sun was out

  4. at 46:07 burnt_ash75 saying tomato is back when he is eating an apple is Hilarius.

  5. “But I didn’t know at the time, but I havnt seen grass since in 5 years.”

  6. That person who said Yamato mukbang rule 34 who is named ixca_gssr at the timestamp 1:37:10 at the bottom of chat.

  7. That's unfair, I've never heard of a "Galaxy" chocolate bar….

  8. in question 112 when chris pops his head up you can see his collar for a bit

  9. Does anyone remember the lowercase h meme, before the E meme?
    Apparently it was an instagram thing

  10. Honestly great video mate. I learned a lot about the creator annd the game. Its cool that you two are like that

  11. idk if anyone else has commented, but the answer to the “if it’s on fire, use baking soda” question actually does make some sense. baking soda can be used to put out small grease fires, and athens is a city in greece, so that’s the pun… it’s a little convoluted, but i felt smart for actually getting it LMAO

  12. Can’t wait for the possible quiz book

  13. The fact that the chat decided to make him do task 67 then tell him to cheat on it is so stupid


  15. Lovely being boiled at 40 degrees, didn’t enjoy the heatwave.

  16. The true impossible quiz is making new questions.

  17. I Like How Him Playing The Game And Editor Him Are So Vastly Different, Same With The Original Game

  18. 1:42:34
    You can see Chris is wearing his red collar, so this is like the only actual time in the game where you see chris's collar! (tbh cant believe i saw that on the first frame when he popped up)

  19. Y'know I would have been in juvenile for my short temper…and for destroying my house 👉👈

  20. i played the orginal impossible quiz and realized the reference to the answer to the universe question in "Thats not my neighbor" and it blew my mind

  21. ngl this quiz reflects my experience being autistic a lot. As in, nothing is really logical or consistant and i'm still expected to figure out everything first try. The stress of needing to find the right thing to do under a lot of pressure and with only a few seconds. And the irrationality of it all. The frustration comes with seeing everyone around you beat the quiz in one or two trys, while your failure is blamed on your lack of trying, bad attitude or being a bad person over all. Getting diagnosed let me know that the quiz actually is riddiculous and that it's not my fault that I failed all the time (plus getting bullied, gaslit and abused on a daily basis through all my childhood/early teens because I couldn't "beat the quiz"). Idrk why i'm commenting this, but it's just an interesting observation i've made

  22. He's done it again, the absolute mad man!!!! Once again, massive respect for actually completing the challenge, and also for creating such a well made video… all the hard work you put into it really shows! And honestly, I'm just honoured you chose to play my stupid, crusty little games. So, to you and everyone who watched… thank you… and you have my sincere apologies for Question 67! 🙏😁

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