the nba quiz everyone called IMPOSSIBLE! -

the nba quiz everyone called IMPOSSIBLE!

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  1. Man Kenny stop disrespecting my pistons lol

  2. wow okay disrespect my pistons well at least we made the playoffs unlike your bulls

  3. As a raptors fan the green/vanvleet question was so easy

  4. Are those dreads or curls?

    Asking for a friend

  5. Bruh I love your content,but your mic always seems too low lol

  6. On question 23 Kemba’s height is way taller than his true height. He is actually 5’10”. He actually admits it in an interview before All-Star 2019.

  7. You take the quiz before you record then you take it again and record . Then you get a few wrong on purpose so people don't suspect you of cheating

  8. Please do a wheel of songs/lyrics rebuild. Put like song names with NBA players in them or lyrics with NBA players in them and rebuild a team.

    !!! For your next rebuild vid: rebuild 2 expansion teams – 1 each conference- and get them both to the Finals. A new East and West dynasty! VOTE THIS INTO EXISTENCE

  10. Half of these Kenny didn't even know he just got lucky guesses

  11. Damn, the quiz is so hard he didn’t even link it in the description

  12. I don’t like how he disrespected Detroit 😭😭

  13. 0:05 when that one white friend asks why isn't their a white history month?

  14. Who are OGs of KOT4Q 🤑
    I make NBA content Grinding to 2k all help appreciated I'm giving out Shoutouts to new subs

  15. trae is taller than kemba

  16. Every time he says and we back I wonder where he went

  17. I don't even wanna admit how bad I did while watching this 😂😂😂

  18. 6:11 if LeBron is an option, pick LeBron
    Question who is the worst player in the league right now
    A. Yuta Watanabe
    B. Devonte Cacok
    C. Paul Watson
    D. LeBron James
    Remember: If LeBron is an option, pick LeBron

  19. Never bet against a curry in shooting percentage

  20. Kenny if Lebrron is a option pick him

    If there’s a odd one out answer pick that but wait……

    If there’s a question with lebron and an odd one out

  21. Clippers Then: Bad at Defense

    Clippers Now: Hold My Kawhi and Paul George

  22. I made this comment because I wanted to see 540 comments instead of 539. I’m bored

  23. This was actually easier to me than the quizzes where you have to name every leading scorer from every team or whatever. If you understand how multiple choice quizzes work, you can do good on this one. But with fill-in-the-blank you can't make up names you don't know.

  24. Clippers totally make sense for free throws though. Lou Will draws a ton of fouls. So does Montrezl.

  25. Davis want a ring with lebron in the bubble haha I’m a year in the future

  26. bruh blake griffin was 7th in free throws attempted aint no way he was the most fouled in 2018-2019

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