The Most Impossible Mortal Kombat Quiz! You Will NOT Pass! -

The Most Impossible Mortal Kombat Quiz! You Will NOT Pass!

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The Most Difficult Mortal Kombat Quiz Ever Made! Only True Fans can Pass! Do You have what it Takes? Mortal Kombat 12 Trailer is Coming Soon! Which Character do You Want for Mortal Kombat 12? Post in the Comments!

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  1. I got 3 correct if you count me saying "that's not fair!" as an answer.

  2. not sure on Jareks one due to his bio in Armageddon and on Sonyas mist theres the same thing with earlier games Johnnys nut punch didnt occur to female characters

  3. 1. Liu Kang (X)
    2. Tanya (X)
    3. Fatality
    4. Kenshi
    5. ??? (X)
    (Well shit, I lost.)
    6. Scorpion (X)
    7. $20 (Holy shit! I guessed as a joke!!! lol)
    8. MK3
    9. Lin Kuei (X) (Oh hell underdawg…semantics…ugh)
    10a. No
    10b. Yes
    11. Cassie Cage (X)
    BONUS: Yes (X)

    Good quiz!

  4. The only questions i got right were;
    ~the Edenian who can't teleport,
    ~worst MK roster
    ~are Kitana and Mileena twins and
    ~best voice actor (i had to guess)

  5. I only got the sub-zero question wrong but redeemed myself with the double question, heck ye

  6. I only knew 3 questions, jax fatality, sindel teleport, and mileena sister. Man…

  7. Question 6, you say Noob Siabot first appeared in MK 3. That is incorrect he first appeared in MK 2 as a secret character. You don’t state playability or anything so your question is incorrect

  8. 11/13, nice
    Isn't kenshi also immune to Strykers X-Ray?

  9. On the mocap question, first i havent even played conquest and I did not even know he was in conquest mode let alone how much he pays.
    I literally just said $20 cuz that sounded funny.

  10. I got 1 wrong, should I be amazed or scared by how much I know about this?

    (it was the award winning voice actress for those who wonder what question I got wrong)

  11. I got about 5 questions wrong. But overall, these questions are pretty easy while some tricked me.

  12. What really made me hate this video was Radien being related to Shao Khan but after the Noob Saibot question, this video is just trash. Waste of time, and I definitely dislike this damn video.

  13. So the first question is in a technical sense correct if you count Bi Han and Kuai Liang as the same person. And even then, the character of Sub-Zero does not appear in Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition, which was the 2nd half of the GBA port of MK Deadly Alliance. But Kuai Liang has appeared in every main line game since his inception but not every single game since his brother was the one that appeared in MK1.

  14. Also Noob Saibot first appeared in Mortal Kombat 2. He didn't become playable until Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

  15. number one confused me! i remembered a past video where the masked ninjas weren't in the mk3 base roster but i think sub was

  16. In Mortal Kombat nine when Sub Zero appears in front of Shao Kahn asking to fight Scorpion Shao Kahn turns to Kitana and asks “ How is it that earth realm NINJAS continue to appear before me when my daughter princess of outworks was sent to stop them.” So does that make the Lin Kuei ninjas?

  17. I've got a question for you. If the Lin Kuey are not ninja because they are chinesse, but the Shiray ryu are a branch clan based from Lin kuey warriors, how come Scorpion is a ninja?

  18. I love MK and i got almost all these questions wrong!

  19. Jax killing Jarek was a "stage fatality before they were a thing."? What? Stage Fatalities have "been a thing" since the beginning; The Pit in MK1, The Pit II in MK2, Kombat Tomb in MK2, Dead Pool in MK2, The Pit 3 in MK3, Belltower in MK3, and Subway in MK3. Even with all that I feel like I'm missing something.

  20. Noob first appeared in MK2, not MK3. Wtf man….

  21. Dude, I'll give you a waaay harder MK quiz if you want one…

  22. Ooo the Mileena being Kitana's twin sister question aged badly 😀

  23. Which game didnt have Scorpion? Anything other than MK3?

  24. I saw that playboy issue…it was amazing

  25. The lin kua and sheerie Ryu were real clans. Hope I didn't but her the names to bad

  26. ehhh DEPENDS on the is lin kuei ninja… I think it was in deception but they state that the Lin Kuei and Shiri Ryiu were once a single clan that separated for some reason. so Id say you could consider them a ninja clan and it would be FAIR. also the Lin Kuei but most of its members are NOT chinese they are orphans ala Hitman who were stolen or bought at birth. Kui Liang is NOT chinese in ANY of his appearances he is generally hispanic or white. Bi Han however has been portrayed as White, Hispanic and Chinese and in some versions is the Blood vrother but in some versions is more of a "Brother" because they are from the same clan subgroup within the Lin Kuei.

  27. I think calling sub zero a ninja instead of a clansman was the right pr move

  28. The fact I said skarlet but got almost every other answer wrong is WILD

  29. Dang, im not a very knowledgeable fan i guess.
    The only one i got right was the question about the worst roster.
    Some i couldve gotten right if i chose the 2nd answer that came to my head. Specifically, Raidens' brother and the voice actress award, which i couldn't remember if it was Jade or Skarlet.

  30. The first question is bs. Subzero has been in every expansion BUT. The original subzero dies after mortal Kombat 1. Scorpion killed him. Sub zeros brother took on the role ad sub zero. The original sub zero became noob sibot.

  31. Didn't do too badly surprisingly! Got caught out on the Noob Saibot sprite, Jax fatality and Mokap money questions, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got the Sindel and Skarlet ones right. Great video! 👌

  32. I won because of the extra Mileena Question i failed Lin Kuei, Mokaps and Skarlets but since it took away a fail i won

  33. first question answear is wrong, mk had game where only character was jax

  34. T'was an old username and I'll change it soon. says:

    Here is my score:
    1. correct (character in every game)
    2. correct (non-teleporting edenian)
    3. wrong (jax's finisher on jarek)
    4. wrong (sonya's kiss)
    5. correct (raiden's brother)
    6. what the hell (noob's model)
    7. (mokap gave money to shujiko)
    8. wrong (worst roster)
    9. correct (sub-zero's clan)
    10. correct (mileena)
    11. correct (mileena)
    12. wrong (voice actress award)
    13. correct (mileena)

    final score: 7/12

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