The Insurmountable Quiz Gold Edition Answers - Rank A (The Impossible Quiz Tribute) -

The Insurmountable Quiz Gold Edition Answers – Rank A (The Impossible Quiz Tribute)

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Answers with no answers in this video:
[SKIP 1] Question 11 – Press 1 Twice
Question 15? – Press S
Question 18? – Press the number of your lives
Question 20? – Spell “IS” then “SPARTA”
[FUSESTOPPER 1] Question 23 – Spell “CHEATING”
[FUSESTOPPER 2] Question 33 – Click Stephano above the S on “LIVES”
[SKIP 2] Question 41 – Touch the skip inside a bubble on the Left
[SKIP 3] Question 49 – Click the Small Green Thing beside the word “JAMES”
Question 55? – Put your mouse on the question and wait
[FUSESTOPPER 3] Question 60 – Click on the one which is purple
[SKIP 4] Question 66 – Press 6 then click the green 6 beside the question number
[FUSESTOPPER 4] Question 76 – Press Scroll Lock
Question 86 – Keep Clicking on “ME!”

I’ve got to say, I wasn’t raging at all during this run. This was my second attempt. Holy crap, I can’t believe it XD


  1. 3:17 There is a another varation where it tells you to touch the screen

  2. 2:07 I press the cores to turn on!, It's a portal game!

  3. Ngl this is an amazing fan made impossible quiz game but I wonder what is the logic behind some of the questions lmao

  4. Nice! I seriously thought you were gonna screw up the Touch the Dots : O I hate that task with a passion… -.-

  5. epicderp43 (originally horridhenry43) says:

    The cake is a lie

  6. Woah! You beat question 93 with a "0" on the timer.

  7. I have a question for you. If you answer it, then that's proof you know the logic behind these questions yourself.
    What do you call bleach without an 'l'?
    A) Cringe
    B) Core rocks
    C) A pile of sand
    D) A beast
    I'll like your comment to confirm you got it right.

  8. Scored a perfect A 3 times on this quiz after hours of failure and getting ALL the other grades. However, I'm trying to get the hacker rank and I managed to get to question 96. before losing a life. The frustration of trying to get an A in less than 3 minutes is…. overwhelming to say the least.

  9. Type 115 on question 1 for a little surprise…

  10. SKIPS FOUND:4/4
    SKIPS USED:0/4
    LIVES LOST:0/5

  11. A

  12. I got a question. What's the music from this version of the game? I know the credits say what the songs are, but they're for the old version of The Insurmountable Quiz. I did like the music for the questions up to Question 80. I found it catchy!

  13. The Insurmountable Quiz 2 will have more powerups and 175 questions D:

  14. Question 99 was the reference in The Impossible Quiz.

    like if you agree.

  15. When's The Insurmountable Quiz 2 coming?

  16. TIQB Question 99
    TInsurQ Question 72
    are portal references.

  17. There's a portal thing somewhere. I have no clue what it does but it's a very slow countdown in the corner. Help?

  18. I wonder why never release The insurmountable quiz 2 game?

  19. what's the music on the questions? I know they're on the credits, but that's on the original!

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