The Insurmountable Quiz Answers - Rank A (The Impossible Quiz Tribute) -

The Insurmountable Quiz Answers – Rank A (The Impossible Quiz Tribute)

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Answers with no answers in this video:
[SKIP 1] Question 11 – Press 1 Twice
Question 15? – Press S
Question 18? – Press the number of your lives
Question 20? – Spell “IS” then “SPARTA”
[FUSESTOPPER 1] Question 23 – Spell “CHEATING”
[FUSESTOPPER 2] Question 33 – Click Stephano above the S on “LIVES”
[SKIP 2] Question 41 – Click the Small Green Bubble on the Left
[SKIP 3] Question 49 – Click the Small Green Thing beside the word “JAMES”
Question 55? – Put your mouse on the question and wait
[FUSESTOPPER 3] Question 60 – Click on the one which is purple
[SKIP 4] Question 66 – Press 6 then click the green 6 beside the question number
[FUSESTOPPER 4] Question 76 – Press Scroll Lock
Question 86 – Keep Clicking on “CLICK!”

OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMG NOW I CAN HAVE A RAVE PARTY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH. Ugh, that Deoxyribonucleic Acid part was soooooooooo hard. I’m glad I was the first one to get an A in this game. 😀 😀 😀


  1. I could get an A if I tried, haven't gotten all the answers yet but 93 I can do if I memorised all the dots pos. and 96 as you stated is hard, especially for me, I literally can't remember how to spell 'Deoxybonucleic' (I hope I spelt it correctly)

  2. Oh damn! Not even any panic in this. Done meticulously and perfectly!
    Well done! And thank you for playing/making a video out of it!
    (And yeah, this is The Dark Rat, I just ain't got an official YouTube thing set up yet heh)

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