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  1. try this and the least i got is 5 guesses, from countless failed multiple times, its kinda hard.

  2. I'd love more videos on this. Really works your knowledge of Yugioh but is fun at the same time.

  3. this is the type of content i could watch for hours

  4. i think a name up down indicator could help just for those gagaga magician situations where there's like a dozen monsters with those exact stats

  5. really need to cut down on the potential card list. Even the actual wordle doesn't have every 5 letter word in the dictionary, so some of the most common.

    I don't think you should include cards that haven't been seen in the top 16 of a major event.

  6. I honestly just wanna see all our favourite streamers playing this game for 5 hours straight, would be fun

  7. We all know yugioh players can't read, but Farfa is proving they can't even see by ignoring the arrows.

  8. Respect for the Persona 3 music Mr. EDITOR YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

  9. Wow I loved watching this. I need more of this

  10. It may seem small, but the fact that Farfa attempted to narrow down his search by monster type instead of attribute; tells me a lot about him as a player…

  11. We need a challenge where your deck is made my yugioh worlde

  12. lol i don't have enough knowledge on cards to play this

  13. the persona 3 music at the beginning fucken slapps

  14. You thought we wouldn't notice that pokemon mystery dungeon theme music but we did

  15. I dont wanna imagine playing this without chat helping, it'll take forever trying to guess which card it is

  16. What does mean limit regulations in/ at synchro festival in master duel?!

  17. This would be super fun if I knew the names of more than 5 cards.

  18. This game is impossible because there are more yugioh cards than words in the English language.

  19. The Pokรฉmon mystery dungeon music do be hitting different

  20. You should try the Pain variant. It's for spells and traps.
    You may SOMETIMES get all greens, but it's not the right one. It fits in the hole, but it's not made specifically for that hole.

  21. "Oh, it's a level one monster!"
    Farfa's entire chat for the last 5 minutes: LOOK. AT. THE. ARROWS.

  22. I just found this website the other day after seeing it on an MBT video and Iโ€™m addicted to them now. Iโ€™ve been playing this game since 2002 and was a TCGPlayer seller for like 4 years so I have an encyclopedic knowledge of pretty much every card created prior to 2021. Now I can finally put all that worthless knowledge to use.

  23. can someone play this game? seems like the website is broken

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