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Whos Suda
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I played wordle everyday for a month.. I cut out a few days and in this video theres 17 days

I played wordle everyday for a week

Friends in the video @Exzd @HyperNovaPuma

This is the hardest wordle yet.. Homer is an impossible word.. what does that even mean. My first lost smh

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  1. i always start with audio as it covers 4 of the vowels

  2. The thumbnail.Patch,Latch,Hatch whats the next one?!
    Me. Bruh CATCH!!! Its CATCH

  3. This is the first time I heard you swear

  4. What he just started the 1st word I knew it was HAIRY

  5. i know the answer to the thumbnail its batch

  6. The ad in the middle of the video got me😂

  7. The thumbnail word at the bottom should be watch

  8. The fact on the thumbnail that match wasn’t there triggered me..

  9. I know the word in the thumbnail! It's watch!!

  10. Next game vídeo try:

  11. Somebody is trying to beat you in first place Whos Suda

  12. I got an ad for wordless before the video 💀

  13. In the thumbnail, you forgot match

  14. I love your channel and one day can you please guess in wordle the word panda
    And also I am subscribed and to your channel and liked to your channel ❤

  15. I will be playing wordle soon I just need to buy it ❤LOVE YOUR CHANNEL

  16. In the video at around 7:50 or 7:40, you said that your personal best was 38 seconds. In the video before you got 11. Just wanted to say.

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