THE IMPOSSIBLE TEST SUMMER: Walkthrough/Answers [HD] -


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This is how to complete the IMPOSSIBLE TEST SUMMER on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch 😀 Please Subscribe if I helped you out! BTW for those of you who say that the Can Explosion doesn’t work, exit out of the app and delete it from running in the background, then open it up again. SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!


  1. @IFoneYou why does the "Water the Seeds" not work for me??? 🙁

  2. I need help with the chocolate one. What did he do?

  3. @barneybongo1212 he pressed the one that said "CB""

  4. How the fuck u finish it under 78 secs? My best is 83.

  5. I hate the "CB" one. Can't find it in mylittle iPod!

  6. Dude I hate the lemon one it's retarted

  7. On my iPod it doesn't show the numbers to the AC question. Help? Thanks(:

  8. Dude! How do u fricken do the chocolate one!?!?!?!

  9. I got that exact same time. O.O whoa man. Lol.

  10. im stuck on the part where it says make 2 cups of lemonade i put 2,4,6 and it didn't work

  11. Y is it called impossible test if it is possible?????

  12. how do u get all other medals. there is S, A, B, C, D, F, Z. i know F and A.

  13. Adrianna Callita ……. just put your finger over the sun

  14. each stage has a logical reason for it's solution. what is the reason of the recipe for lemonade glasses?

  15. @whatduh1977 just shake ur device…..its just like the soda

  16. also the lemonade one you said the answer was different than what you put to pass the level

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