The impossible test (99.9% fail) -

The impossible test (99.9% fail)

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I bet you’ve failed this test before.

Captchas are the hardest challenges to exist, especially on Discord. Time is running out… you need to complete it fast.

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  1. Hola menios


  2. Why do I have the exact same problems being faced from my mum

  3. It is not funny its real that robots cannot do it

  4. People* – Netflix Amazon prime etc
    Le me * – belu series (hero – beluga
    Actor – BELUGA ' co actor – beluga
    – lady actor – (all knows ) nice series better than all series. 😁

  5. I just failed the Captcha test twice earlier this evening. 🙄

  6. How to beat it:
    Step 1 : upload a video for proof and say the words to his name for more proof
    Step 2 : you can access

  7. Litterally on the first test i had a feeling he'd miss a box…

    And he did…

  8. Actually beluga is not human beluga is cat.

  9. BTW Beluga is neither a Robot nor a Human.

    He is a CAT!

  10. Would anyone like McDonald’s for the movie?

  11. 1:46 we live in a society × 3
    馮勝利(should be a male's name
    And a language i don't know, someone help

  12. бот? ты назвал меня бот добейся бот потом пиши😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  13. Despacito Fortnite club

    Laughed so hard on that one

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