The impossible test (99.9% fail) -

The impossible test (99.9% fail)

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I bet you’ve failed this test before.

Captchas are the hardest challenges to exist, especially on Discord. Time is running out… you need to complete it fast.

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  1. Seriously solving that math problem correctly is inhuman

  2. Could anyone read the text on beluga's question?

  3. The fact that their name is RoboKiller yet it's a bot 😃.

  4. I saw that he missed a box in the recaptcha

  5. Beluga: listen im a Homan

    Robo killer: only humans can solve this.

    Belugas profile pic: Am i a joke to you?

  6. I kinda felt the qr code in the end was a rick roll

  7. wait he said after 7:00 he is a cat…that means he can't use discord because of the security…..

  8. Beluga, "A Cat", "3 year old" solving "integrations" to prove he is "human" Wow thats something out of the world. 🤣

  9. One thing will prove if someone is robot or no…

    The grama oof mama

  10. ꧁Nᴀɴᴜᴋᴀ Cʜᴀʀᴛᴏʟᴀɴɪ꧂ says:

    RoboKiller: Im actually a human
    Me: Veritfys RoboKiller

    Me: Looks at RoboKiller's pfp Are you sure about that?

  11. Test: i am impossible

    Beluga: i'm a girl btw.

  12. Sonic and Tails 🕸️Halloween🎃 says:

    Robokiller was blown up by Rick roll

  13. The reason he couldn’t pass it was because he was a cat not hooman

  14. me who doesn't eat cereal: ok but i will sub cuz cool content

  15. hey b-beluga didn’t you say fortnite is bad…?

  16. Bruh u missed ONE SINGLE PIXEL how does that count as missing the car

  17. Beluga isn’t a robot or human his a cat

  18. Like bot said only human can solve this and beluga is cat .

  19. This is quality content, this guy need 10 mil subs.

  20. why do "If your a human test" are like robot test, With those boxes you missed one box a robot will get the answer right

  21. this is me trying to get a bot into my server

  22. At first I'm your fan but now , I became as your air conditioner

  23. This is not safe, beluga is sending rickrolls.

  24. The last question was "We live in a society We live in a society We live in a society" so I'm hooman now can I join the club?

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