The Impossible Star Wars Quiz! -

The Impossible Star Wars Quiz!

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In anticipation for Star Wars Episode 9 The Rise Of Skywalker now’s an excellent time to test your Star Wars trivia and knowledge with this impossible quiz! Everything from Anakin to Luke, Padme to Leia, Darth Maul to the Emperor. Good luck idiots!

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  1. Guess Im a fake fan. Time to go kill myself

  2. "Hardest Star Wars Quiz" i was disapointed, thought you'd have to remember the Sith or Jedi code, or who invented the rule of two etc. This feels like Boomer Original Trilogy quiz

  3. Haha NOT 100% lol you guys definitely got a couple of questions wrong! 🤣

    100% though!! 👍

  4. My gas tank hits empty: “We’re at a hundred percent!”

  5. the cut at 8:12 where James says "a murder" is just a sublime and hilarious bit of editing! Thank you Matt!

  6. See you COULD make a really hard Star Wars quiz because the Universe is batshit crazy. There are backstories for the smallest parts like the guy running past people with an ice cream maker and the one random alien in the cantina that appears for two seconds. But no, we get what color is Yoda.

  7. I got 77% in this one, gotta say its pretty easy

  8. When he did his qui gon impression I died

  9. Your voices put me to sleep but in a good way.

  10. Slowing this down to pause on the Fez info had me absolutely in stitches. You guys sound wasted 😆, I highly recommend giving it a listen😂😂

  11. Oh no, not a murder of porgs! What are we going to do commander.

  12. The c3po one is wrong. He doesn't appear in the ewok movies.

  13. The C3-PO in every movie question is wrong since he did not appear in “Han-Solo: A Star Wars Story.

  14. If the ewoks do speak french i want to know what jabnab means

  15. You got 100% because everyone is a winner don’t ya know.

  16. 😂😂😂That's 6 on 1 and then 3 on another and 1 on an extra foot😯😯😯😂😂😂

  17. I really thought the Ewoks speaking French meant some distorted audio of French sentences in post, but I GUESS THEY MEANT LITERAL ASS ACTUAL FUCKING FRENCH

  18. One thing I didn’t know was that Anthony Daniels appeared in Solo

  19. easy question
    what is the worst star wars film:
    the last jedi

  20. 6:40 this question tripped me up because it should be "Who almost died at the end of 'Return of the Jedi'?"

  21. the clip from flight of the conchords was much appreciated

  22. "Follow along at home tell us what you get" I'd love to but y'all speed through these quizzes like they're yellow lights

  23. I am still struggling to figure out why the Flight of the Concords made an appearance in this video, but I am not complaining.

  24. The only impossible thing about this is pausing at the right time

  25. I'm sure I have a memory of Jabba wearing a hat of some kind so I definitely would have gotten that wrong

  26. I always thought darth Vader was dark invader

  27. But Boba Fett first appeared in Star Wars Holiday Special

  28. Also on the Boba Fett question. The answer could also be none, as he appears in the Holiday Special

  29. Ur Qui Gon Jinn impression was spot on hahaha

  30. Watching you guys play these horrible online quizzes gives me life

  31. Mason's "Oh, not French?" was so perfectly timed and delivered.

  32. Luke's Television Review (Lucas Geist) says:

    2:23 No, C-3PO was NOT in every Star Wars movie. He was not in "Ewoks: The Battle for Endor," "The Ewok Adventure," "Solo: A Star Wars Story," or "The Haunted Village." No, the phrase "I have a bad feeling about this." is NOT in every Star Wars movie. No, the scream is NOT in every film.

  33. Bobs Fett’s first appearance was on the holiday special! This quiz is blasphemy!

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