THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZMAS! | Christmas Impossible Quiz -

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZMAS! | Christmas Impossible Quiz

Bryce Games – Bryce McQuaid
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The Impossible Quiz is finally back with a brand new Christmas game! Let’s see if we can make it through the Impossible Quizmas!
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The Impossible Quizmas:
Outro Song:


  1. Slightly more Christmassy than killer snowman, I rate it

  2. A Christmas Quiz? How hard could this be? 😂 fails the second question

  3. The game over screen has more snow than I've had this entire year lmao

  4. Merry Christmas Bryce and to everyone in the comment section!! ❄️❄️🎄🎁

  5. How do you only have 545k subscribers? You deserve so much more!

  6. Lol I loved this and glad to see you smiling your amzing smile love the video's my birthday is the 21 of December and you made happy so thanks

  7. Bryce whats the fan base called and have you ever seen h20 delirious face

  8. R.I.P Bryce, you did good though. Happy holidays! 😸

  9. This is a great quiz haha. They should make random ones. Each question is a dad joke or a pun. Love you bryce 💙😍

  10. Hey Bryce!! Have a great Merry Christmas 🙂 love your videos!!

  11. I really rate the puns in this game, but your puns are even better <3

  12. I am so happy / surprised that you remembered that colour combo

  13. How did you remember that blue red blue yellow thing? I can barely recap on what I did at school everyday.

  14. When u don’t know what to do take Bryce’s advice…
    “Poke his nipples”

    Loving the vid Bryce 😂😂

  15. Lol as someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas I'm glad this quiz is as confusing to someone who probably does celebrate it

  16. Hi Bryce, your videos are always amazing and never disappoint! Please never stop <3

  17. the clutch when you remembered the color combo. lmao I was talking to my screen trying to help you along and my mom thought it was from me being on a bunch of DayQuil

  18. If I had to play this I'd break my computer

  19. Bryce has the BEST memory I have ever seen… Like just how???

  20. I purchased merch, but it might not be here by Christmas

  21. Im going to New York for Christmas Can’t wait I’ll be watching Bryce games videos on the way there.

  22. MERRY QUIZMAS / HAPPY HOLIDAY EVERYBODY!!!!! ( even tho i don't celebrate christmas / haneka but whatever ) 😅😅🎄🎄🎁

  23. Svajūnė ᛋᚡᚨᛃūᚾė Antonovaitė ᚨᚾᛏᛟᚾᛟᚡᚨᛁᛏė says:

    dumb questions ever XD but and funny at same time hahahaha love it

  24. Svajūnė ᛋᚡᚨᛃūᚾė Antonovaitė ᚨᚾᛏᛟᚾᛟᚡᚨᛁᛏė says:

    bryce:hail satan me: i agree

  25. Wow…. You've come so far. I was with you since 72k subs. Your voice has gotten a lot deeper, and there's definitely a lot of improvement. Keep it up!

  26. Dang bryce you got a deeper noice now, been a while since i saw you and Gl for da future dude

  27. MAN HE IS MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. So you're not a zoologist, but you thought you'd know more about reindeer testies?🤔🤔 I'm curious as to where you got that knowledge🤔

  29. I wonder if you get a new present each time you open that skip and you end up collecting them all

  30. no matter how much difficult these games were, they were still amazing and raging and will always be. This one has to be the funniest one and just beautiful music at the end. Wondering when there is going to be a Halloween one?

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