The Impossible Quiz With My Dad -

The Impossible Quiz With My Dad

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  1. His dad is doin the rape face in the thumbnail 😂😂

  2. They played it before so they know everything…

  3. at the beginning was  the only one who thought "You have to be stupid in order to complete the quiz."

  4. lol you have already done the quiz before that also with your brother jj

  5. yo dad needed 2 minutes for question 50

    Ksi needed 3 episodes and didnt even reach that

  6. He knows the answers because he played with ksi

  7. Your dad super smart that he should make meth 😂😂😂 I'm your biggest fan homie

  8. They were looking at the answers the whole time.

  9. Omg when did it with JJ he laughed the crap out of us

  10. Your acting is shit, we all know that your dad knew the answers before playing the game

  11. Damn the most recent comments are from like 2 months

  12. 2013 no
    2014 no
    2015 no
    2016 no
    2017 no
    2018 no
    2019 lets put it in their recommendation

  13. You did not search for this video. Why is this in our recommended😂😂😂

  14. Deji told his dad to tell the correct answers cause deji already knew the answers when he played with his brothers

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