THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ Walkthrough - Part2 -

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ Walkthrough – Part2

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75. Put your cursor just under the question number, and BE PREPARED.
76. Click Sugar, Honey, Honey
77. Question 77
78. Four
79. Click on the “U” in the word “you” in the answer “What do you mean?”.
80. Filthy Romanians.
81. Stroke the pole, same as the cat.
82. Clip all of the toenails
83. National Dyslexic Association
84. Put your mouse on here. This is pretty difficult to get used to. Hold the left mouse button down, then once the 4 meteor things that come from the right side have gone, move your mouse to the top left and release the mouse button to get the skip, then move the mouse to the top right to get another skip, then to the bottom right to get the star to pass the level. Be patient with this level, it took me at least 5 attempts to get it right.
85. I loved it!
86. The prince
87 Click the “.” that isn’t there at the end of the question number.
88. Keep clicking as fast as you can.
89. Blindness
90. Nonce
91. Move the mouse to just below the 3rd hole and follow the tear.
92. Again a pretty difficult question. The order is 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, 0.4
93. Drag the bomb away and click on the GO arrow
94. Do nothing.
95. Move your mouse cursor off screen then click the button
96. A right mess!
97. 10+!
98. Blue, red, blue, yellow (use the words, not the colours)
99. Wait until the bomb is on 1 and the light is green, then click the sign
100. 2



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