The Impossible Quiz | Walkthrough [Levels 1-110] -

The Impossible Quiz | Walkthrough [Levels 1-110]

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1. Four
2. No, but a tin can
3. K.O
4. Click the words “the answer” in the question.
5. Click and hold down the left mouse button to go over blue
6. Shallots
7. An elephant
8. Search! (under the letters S and E)
9. That one (top right box)
10. Choose food, Chews food. Your mouth chews food, so, the mouth
11. n
12. Click the dot on top of the “i”
13. F’TAANG!!!
14. Torch
15. Horse
16. H
17. 17, click the question number
18. Hammer
19. Blue-Orange-Green-Green-Yellow
20. Seal
21. Top left box
22. +1 skip
23. Bran
24. Click the V in lives
25. Shoe polish
26. Arsefacey
?. Go to 28
28. Abundance, A-bun-dance
29. Egg mayonaise
30. Same as 5, hold the left mouse button down
31. Woof. Woof. Woof.
32. Babycham and human faeces
33. 7
34. Move your mouse off screen
35. Wait for the green button
36. A walk
37. All of the answers are correct
38. Mary Rose
39. Cylindrical Adventures
40. Same as 5 and 30, hold your left mouse button down.
41. Afro
42. Its the 42’nd 42
43. Tom cruise
44. Move the piece with the question number out of the way, and on the piece that was below it, there should be a very small circle, click that.
45. Top right box
46. OMGF u kills sonikku u bastud
47. Right click so you can see where your mouse is, then click the button
49. Splapp-me-do
50. O.K.
51. Just click, click, and click some more
52. 3rd one from the left
53. …But pa might not
54. No, about 20cm off the ground
55. A games console for wholemeal biscuits
56. Blue, red, blue, yellow
57. Erm… One?
58. Shepherd’s pie
59. Click on the thing as fast as you can repeatedly
60. BE HONEST. If when you got the game loaded and you got it on your first attempt after it loaded, then click yes, otherwise, click no.
61. Thumbs up
62. Click the moSS
63. Tasteless white filth
64. Egg *greater than* 28 (cant use the greater than symbol in youtube video descriptions)
65. Click the word “largest”
66. Click the “!” at the end of the question.
67. A big hairy arsonist (arse-on-ist)
68. Stroke the cat.
69. Lol, 69
70. Using its anus
71. Click the top left green box (I dont know if the others work when they are green, but I’ve only ever tried the top left one.)
72. Click around the middle left area
73. ? (Top right one)
74. No one knows that.
75. Put your cursor just under the question number, and BE PREPARED.
76. Click Sugar, Honey, Honey
77. Question 77
78. Four
79. Click on the “U” in the word “you” in the answer “What do you mean?”.
80. Filthy Romanians.
81. Stroke the pole, same as the cat.
82. Clip all of the toenails
83. National Dyslexic Association
84. Put your mouse on here. This is pretty difficult to get used to. Hold the left mouse button down, then once the 4 meteor things that come from the right side have gone, move your mouse to the top left and release the mouse button to get the skip, then move the mouse to the top right to get another skip, then to the bottom right to get the star to pass the level. Be patient with this level, it took me at least 5 attempts to get it right.
85. I loved it!
86. The prince
87 Click the “.” that isn’t there at the end of the question number.
88. Keep clicking as fast as you can.
89. Blindness
90. Nonce
91. Move the mouse to just below the 3rd hole and follow the tear.
92. Again a pretty difficult question. The order is 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, 0.4
93. Drag the bomb away and click on the GO arrow
94. Do nothing.
95. Move your mouse cursor off screen then click the button
96. A right mess!
97. 10+!
98. Blue, red, blue, yellow (use the words, not the colours)
99. Wait until the bomb is on 1 and the light is green, then click the sign
100. Two
101. C-H-I-H-U-A-H-U-A
102. Pretty difficult, nothing that I can really say here.
103. Click the red square thing
104. The picture on the bottom right, the big yellow sad moon
105. Use the letter B in gooseberry, the letter A in apple, and the 2nd letter N in nectarine to spell out the word banana.
106. Hold the left mouse button down to go off road.
107. Do nothing.
108. Type in 4 8 15 16 23 42 with spaces in between each number. Can be pretty difficult to do quickly.
109. Click its ass until poop comes out then click the poopy arrow.
110. Use your skips


  1. So totally owned, that was awesome. Wish you could still play these somewhere.

  2. If you skip a single question you will get a game over.

  3. You are a living legend.Don't feel bad for this opportunity!

  4. How long did it take you to make the description?


  6. +Agario Meow Clan is there anyway we can get together to play out clans together? i have 3 people in my clan.


  8. I got to 102, but my screen wouldn't work, and the dot faded!!! }=0

  9. For 60 I pressed yes but it didn’t work 😑

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