The Impossible Quiz Walk-through with Hints -

The Impossible Quiz Walk-through with Hints

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This video includes some of the tips and tricks to easily pass this annoying quiz.

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Thanks everyone! =]


  1. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this game makes me go mad!!! >:D

  2. i stayed up for 3 whole days literally playin this game trying to remember the answers to all the questions and i finally beat it but now im pissed the fuck off because i didnt know youtube had all the answers!

  3. Awesome, also on the vanish stuff, right click when it has been poured out and you will see your mouse. Just saying…

  4. On 84 You Can Just right click and hide behind the options thing

  5. @twistedflamingo1 it's from the tv series LOST, if you followed the series like I sadly did then it would make perfect sense because those stupid numbers are practically all the show's about lol

  6. for question number 5, you could also just game screen from the right and go around the blue to the other side and click the button notice that the two buttons have "holes" to off the game part of the screen

  7. I really liked your background music, what's the title and artist?

  8. in question 56 you can just click the right mouse button and then you will see your cursor again

  9. great walkthrough you saved me a lot of time but btw in question 56 you can just click the right mouse button and then you will see your cursor again

  10. Also I've found if you click the where you first see the 'lazar' beam in question 59 it helps it go faster. :3

    Nice video~! 😀

  11. every time i get up to 108 i try to put the right code in i do it all right and when i get to about 16 it says system failure and meteors come through and everythin and i hav to skip it or i ie and then i never get to complete it

  12. for number 5 i just went out of the game square and went to the other side 🙂

  13. who figured out 108? obviously some1 with a lot of time

  14. omgee. can u come 2 my houzse so u kan tell my step by step. kauzse i kant remmebzs da answerezs for all dezse. itzs too much

  15. no you move your mouse around the game on number 5.duh.

  16. No you move your mouse around the game on number 5.duh

  17. Direstions For Question 92:
    Click 194,27,26,14,9,3,1, wait until the bomb appears then select 0.4.

  18. @whatisaredneck this is a walkthrough not cheats

  19. Holy ef… I got to the second vanishing cream, decided this is a horrible way to pass time and found this video. SO GLAD I stopped when I did (wish I would have seen this video earlier) that quiz is SO NOT WORTH IT!!!!! But Thank you, *thank you* for doing this video, you are awesome!

  20. @badr247 does anybody have a clue about #82, no matter how fast i am it's just not fast enough, Ugh!

  21. #95 ANOTHER BOMB! *puts courser under number* IT'S NOT THERE, wait another button *realizes it says "detonate" as I click it* shit…

  22. how do you get that red thing i can't figure it out

  23. I beat it:) my friend is stuck on 69, LOL!

  24. I did'nt understand the question number 108, can someone explain me?

  25. at the one when vanished then u press blue red blue yellow you can glitch it and right click in the vanish area

  26. @ashleyyyymonique i was thinking the same thing

  27. it's from the tv show LOST. It's also in the clock in the top of the screen

  28. SOO annoying!! on the question with the bomb dude where it says "charge us lazer " no matter how quick i press it doesn't work.


  30. awi lost on the count dracula question 🙁 sorry it was too fast, what was the answer?

  31. easy remember question 50 it said 108 as q 108 = 4 8 15 16 23

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