The Impossible Quiz w/Krism -

The Impossible Quiz w/Krism

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Krism and I recorded this before I left for the US which is why she cannot see the gameplay

Titlecard Art:


  1. -.- the smallest circle is the dot on "i" on "click" -.-

  2. …and the last 1 im assumin its horse…..

  3. Im sorry minx, Your SO BAD! ou had to type in Horse!!!

  4. the dot on the i is the smallest for question 12

  5. Minx can not think outside the box. Also there was 100 questions.

  6. уσυ ∂σит нανє α cнαиcє says:

    Choose food = chews food. Thats why it was the teeth lol. And that wasnt the end minx :p

  7. on the which cicle was the smallest it was the I dot in click and you had to type horse not the sound it makes

  8. For 12 you click the dot on i

  9. I hate knowing the answers and watching people get them wrong!

  10. WHERE'S WALDO???? Waldo is a small town in Arkansas

  11. Why do i have a feeling this is gonna get super-high-pitched

  12. 'Honey that's what pi fucking looks like' laughed so hard

  13. The Number 8 on it's side and no idea what pi looks like. Minx learn some maths

  14. If you put the captions on, the words make no sense. Then when you look at Minx's horror game complication without captions, Minx makes perfect sense.

  15. When you know all the answers so you sit there kind of frustrated you cant tell them.

  16. click the smallest = click the dot of the "i"

  17. lol Minx you need your skips for the hardest questions at the end.


  19. 10 was a play on word "choose food" sounds like "chews food"

  20. 4 tin horse 17 don't use skips you need them at the end

  21. "8 on its side" "T with two sticks instead of one" Minx did you even have math in school?

  22. Minx the answer for click the small ball is i the ball for i!

  23. Choose Food… Chews Food. Why does no one get that?

  24. I can only imagine you and Krism cuddling on a couch in winter together, Minx. ^w^ Hands down the most adorable thing I've ever imagined!

  25. the answer to the last question might have been horse just saying XD

  26. I once completed that game with no skips… the smallest dot was either the dot on the i or the dot on the number for the question. I can't remember which one… And you had to type horse :3

  27. the answer for 15, was horse. you had to spell horse

  28. Lol. The answer to the last question was….. TYPE HORSE. Even Chilled got it on his first try. And on the dot one, click the dot on the i.

  29. Minx you and Krism are adorable and hilarious together xD this was just great

  30. minx at the horse question your Kent to type horse

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