The Impossible Quiz w/Krism -

The Impossible Quiz w/Krism

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Krism and I recorded this before I left for the US which is why she cannot see the gameplay

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  1. "the number 8 on its side" …. oh minx… that is the symbol for infinite.

  2. Minx: "What should we go for?"
    Krism: "Mmm…" yawns "I think you should go for….go fuck yourself."
    Minx: "Baby, that's really mean."
    I LAUGHED SO HARD. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Poor Minx sounded so hurt. I'm sorry..I JUST CAN'T. These two are so hilarious and adorable. But I laughed so hard that I started coughing and choking. Karma is a real pain.

  3. Am I the only one who found the impossible quiz really easy? It took me a few tries, but I understood all of the questions.

  4. Krinx sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute Lolz of cuteness

  5. its been two years since this video came out. I still fucking love it

  6. You were supposed to click the dot on top of the i

  7. Krism a woman or a man since they're married?

  8. okay I've gotta say it…The cutest couple on the planet…Krism is so sweet lol. So soft spoken compared to our loud and proud Minx lol. 😉 Love both of you 😉 I wish you guys luck and hope you have a wonderful life together.

  9. Amazing video guys you two are so cute! 😆

  10. Does minx know what polo is?(It's a shirt) xD Also a shallot is a type of onion x3 They are generally more purple 🙂 Not trying to be rude just explaining o.o

  11. I know ur supposed to spell horse on 15 right??

  12. Question 1) How many holes in a polo? In the two last words'a' and 'polo' there are 4 holes, in 'p' the 2 'o's and in the 'a'. Or, just think about a polo shirt.
    Question 12) The dot on the 'i' simple,
    Question 15) It's a damn horse… Spell out HORSE.
    Sorry, when people don't get number 15, it annoys me.

  13. Minx, a polo is a shirt. 2 arm holos, a neck hole, and another hole. 4 holes

  14. I think she was supposed to spell Horse… I nearly died cheering her on from here. x.x

  15. Question 1: polo shirt. Head hole, waist hole, and arm holes = 4 holes

  16. oh my god I love you guys minx and prism youguys are hilarious and apparently horrible at puns

  17. And she only got to the 10s, there is 107ish questions

  18. You have to spell horse at the end. Cause Its saying what makes the sound. And The click the smallest is the . above the i I think

  19. The answer to fifteen is horse.

  20. Where's Wally was made in the UK. Makes no sense that you guys changed it to Waldo 😂 like wtf we made that. Stop changing the names of stuff we make

  21. umm u type in horseya numpteys but all in all it was a good video 🙂

  22. polo shirt. neck, bottom (waist), both arms

  23. question 11= what follows december (2)nd?
    n bc it follows the two

  24. you need to play this game again minx and see how far you can get with your prior knowledge. btw im loving all ur mecha nika videos. im sad its finished

  25. The answer was not skip it was the dot on the i

  26. watching this was just sad. I made to number 100 and I am younger than them.
    I love your videos minx keep trying you'll get there. btw there is like 150 questions or so.

  27. Just sayin I thing the teeth one is the answer cos if you hover over it it changes yellow and the outline of the so called drool and teeth makes an outline of spaghetti I think

  28. Click the smallest circle…. let me tell you. Cl"i"ck the smallest circle. The i….. teh i!

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