The Impossible Quiz - Torture Chamber -

The Impossible Quiz – Torture Chamber

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Find out if Erick’s smart enough to beat The Impossible Quiz.

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  1. lol scared of mice, they were scared of your mouse pointer…

  2. this game is a troll, but answers are impressively weird hahaha!

  3. now I understand why PewDiePie is so famous 
    he knows how to make shit funny 

  4. You should have done more, like to the last question, that one is the best!

  5. People still play this? I mean this is pretty damn old

  6. clearly this guy doesnt understand the point and theme of the quiz after possibly 30 mins of playing minus all the editing 

  7. Wow i remember playing this several years ago in middle school

  8. there is a impossible quiz 2 and there is a impossible book! theyre even worse!

  9. Yo why did it cut through the square root of an onion one? i wanted to know what that was

  10. ah I remember this from year 8-9 (2006-2007) in highschool, my friends and I sussed it out and beat it, dare you to do the impossible quiz 2.

  11. Use any of those skips whatsoever and you're screwed for the end boss.

  12. Way to go copying trends gamespot real original

  13. I wish you would do more Torture Chamber

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