THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! - The Impossible Quizmas -

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! – The Impossible Quizmas

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  1. Major throwback 😞😞 wowwwwwww this was something I used to love

  2. This video isn't in the "Impossible Quiz" playlist.

  3. he rlly just looked up a walkthrough guide didnt he lmao

  4. Who else is here in the year 2018 in December wishing pewds gets mentally stable again

  5. I started this video like, who the fuck is that handsome man. Oh yes, it's cute Pewdipie

  6. 16: get the dot of the exclamation mark and put it at the deer and it will take off!


  8. God i miss They old days 😭

  9. I was going to play another pewds vid and pewds pop up

  10. Pewdiepie: 2:03

    Me: Looks at how long the video is

    Me: Pewds then why is the video 13 minutes long?

    2:03 Pewdiepie who doesn't know how long the vid will be yet: What? That usually means i spend more then 4 hours on a video…

    me: Happy im not pewdiepie for once

  11. Omfg I don’t watch pew die pie and I decided to watch him for once and wtf why the f does he have 100M SUBS JWDNJICEWRIJNEFRIHERNFIUEIUNFIRUENUICRNEUICRNEIUJCRIIE OK FREAKING PEEING MY PANTS RN

  12. As much as I love to see Felix enjoying life so much now, this is the Pewds I could actually relate to most.

  13. I love the take back to the original game after 10 years, blue red blue yellow. Love it.

  14. Jingle bells, jingle bells, happy holiday!

  15. This game was released 10 years ago this year

  16. Sorry Pewds but the "old pewds was better. Old pewds felt genuine when he talked in his videos. This pewds doesn't even talk normally like he used to. Bruhh

  17. I thought I Was Having a Flashback of 2013 Pewds.

  18. He doesn't know who Chris is anymore

    I feel old

  19. Pewdiepie: dies on the last one
    "What a ducking n****"

  20. this just isnt the same with his swedish swearing

  21. That last quiz was awesome.
    So that's why you need to remember XD

  22. I wonder which video was the last video of Pewdiepie saying his final “Hey guys it’s PEEEWWWWWDIEPIEEEEE!”

    Lmao ahhhh the good old days 😂 still he may be different now, but he’s still funny as shi!!!

  23. “We’ll all be dead soon”


  24. feels weird, cause it sounds like that badass classic pewdiepie accent is gone 🙁

  25. I was three years late but thank you Splapp-Me-Doo

  26. I started questioning where timeline am I in.

  27. You made me choke on my yogurt with that pirates one

  28. christmas tree under here are presents and when you click this you finish it

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