The Impossible Quiz: The FAIL Begins (Part 1) -

The Impossible Quiz: The FAIL Begins (Part 1)

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Showing off my knowledge with The Impossible Quiz! I typically love hard games that involve analysis, but something tells me this might change. To make matters worse, I have to take “shots” of condiments every time I fail. Let’s see if I will ace this bad boy, or rage quit before the end.

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  1. For me the least off of condiment is barbecue sauce I will look at straight from the container it’s good

  2. 12:33 the expression on her face tells me that she was not expecting that and was lying

  3. If I had to choose one condiment it would definitely be eel sauce

  4. Quiz: who is the identity of purple guy
    Matt: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. As a chef I've tested so many different ingredients by themselves I've become immune to issues like this! Raw onion, no problem, fish sauce, bring it on, anchovies, I'll take the tin please! Yes I drink pickle juice too.

  6. I could eat Franks Red Hot for days. I legit have that off an empty plate.

  7. When you hear Matpat asking for water but also watched his video on Food Theory where he said that water doesn't help all that much with spicy food…

    (Before anyone comes bombarding me with the "this was made years before that video" statements, lemme just make it clear that I KNOW)

  8. In the start I was death stared by aunt Jemima in the middle

  9. Matpat: “This is not a normal sized spoon”
    Me: it is normal. It’s a normal serving spoon.

  10. I wish they didn't tell him not to use his skips😞 it's always fun when they discover that

  11. Tip on 110: you can just press all the skips while on the "GOOD LUCK!" screen to finish the game faster!

  12. 2 of the 4 of those are things I’d be more than fine eating. XD

  13. awfully late but choose food refers to the shadow of the objects. ig the mouth looks like lasagna or smth

  14. 11:35
    Have a Look Around
    Anything that brain of yours can think of can be found

  15. I played this quiz so much in 2009 and now its 2021 and I still know every single answer from all my attempts to beat it.

  16. "Can you get this question wrong?" all four answers are correct.

  17. so weird watching such an old video… 6 years and they look basically the same as they do now….

  18. id choose syrup every time

    i eat syrup plain every day

  19. I just realized why question 11 is n. It's because it's asking the 2nd thing to come after the word December.

    Took me 12 freaking years

  20. I wish they hadn’t spoiled the 110th question, I would have loved to see matpats reaction

  21. person on twitter who spoiled the skip thing

    i hate you.

  22. “I know to much about fast food”
    This is when food theory began

  23. Every question has logic it just is really far off

  24. Anyone watching this 5 years after it came out? Maybe more? It’s weird to see where they started compared to where they are now. Wow.

  25. I think the mayo would make me vomit. The smell alone has me gagging.

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