The Impossible Quiz: The 10 WORST Questions! (Part 3) -

The Impossible Quiz: The 10 WORST Questions! (Part 3)

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Here it is, the final installment of The (soul crushing) Impossible Quiz. The Epic 10 as they call them. Will it finally break my will? Or, will I triumph over evil?

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  1. The creators of The Impossible Quiz must have been big fans of Lost (The TV show)

  2. imagine if Mat did a theory on the impossible quiz? XD

  3. Hey we wanna watch MATPAT not that guy in the blue shirt who doesn't love a fresh Diet Coke

  4. Steph: No means No
    Matpat: Your right no does mean no

  5. Question 108 are the LOST numbers!!! So amazing! I know this video is older but I’m just getting to watch it and am thrilled! Lol 😂

  6. Why didn’t you use relish as a condiment?

  7. I love how everyone here is amazed with Jason's face, like it's his face reveal. But he's shown his face in AT LEAST one previous stream, the Pumpkin Head Challenge.

  8. Wait do you guys not have creamer in your Diet Coke 😂🙃

  9. I'm watching this at 12 in the morning because I have nothing else to do.

  10. I remember watching a yellow Pegasus get past 104 after 2-3 tries when I was 9–

  11. I realized that Matpat spoke to Skip like he speaks to Oliver.

  12. Wow. Jason is quite the handsome man .

  13. Sooo, was nobody going to tell Mat that he can just change the mouse sensitivity in the computer settings?

  14. I’m a cornbread muffin!!! I’m a farm boy!

  15. When MatPat talks to Skip, he sounds like Mickey Mouse xD

  16. MatPat: Hates olives
    Also MatPat: Names first child OLIVEr

  17. 1:42:12 I laughed when they both laughed at complete the game at the same time!

  18. I'm a vanilla muffin. I'm sweet but suttle.

    I'm also average and boring but we don't talk about that part

  19. I will eat the icing than eat the rest

  20. 1:02:19 I know this I did 4H and had to do muffins one year me and mom were curious what the difference was and a cupcake has a flat top so you can put the icing on but a muffin has a dome because there is no icing. BOOM SCIENCE!

  21. When she said center and they were focused don't know why but my mind went to "I'll make a man out of you from" Mulan

  22. I’m years late, but I would like to say I’m a banana chocolate chip muffin

  23. If mat survived this he will survive the quarentine

  24. Little did he know that that wasabi could have saved lives, (a series of unfortunate events reference)

  25. Matpat: I have a stomach of an….. iron giant
    Me: I mailed you a steal beam to eat as a light snack

  26. Honestly surprised Matpat isnt dead from all he had to do 😂

  27. Matpat: dont click the small Happy yellow sun! Clicks the moons

  28. man u guys always cheer me up when i’m sad. ly guys

  29. me: hasn’t watched vid yet
    also me: why did it take them an HOUR FIFTY TO ANSWER TEN QUESTIONS AHAHAHHA

  30. Everybody gets whipped cream. Except Jason, he just gets whipped.

  31. Can you get Red Velvet muffins? Because that's would I would be. I'm fabulous sounding, I'm fabulous looking but to be honest, I'm pretty average XD

  32. They should've mixed diet coke, vinegar and olive water

    That reaction would've been good

  33. If I if they make these but I think I would be a Salted Caramel muffin because I am sweet, salty (in the good way) and I am a classic (Caramel) with some other things thrown in (salt) that make me seem kinda crazy to someone who hasn't tried me (met me properly ) but it enhances my flavour and makes me special and unique

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