The Impossible Quiz: The 10 WORST Questions! (Part 3) -

The Impossible Quiz: The 10 WORST Questions! (Part 3)

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Here it is, the final installment of The (soul crushing) Impossible Quiz. The Epic 10 as they call them. Will it finally break my will? Or, will I triumph over evil?

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  1. There are multiple ways to eat a muffencupcakes 😌😂

  2. I'm a cornbread muffin because I am really corny

  3. Congrats but is not over yet you can say that again

  4. I love how Matpat laughs maniacally when Steph takes her spoonful XD

  5. So now that food theory is out, are we going to get an episode on what classifies a condiment?

  6. I would like to think i'm a coffee muffin.

    1) I'm basic, yet so complex
    2) I can be a bit shy (because it's not a common muffin)
    3) I'm not so approachable, but once you get to know me you get to so how wonderful I am
    4) I'm a people pleaser, I like to make people feel better
    5) I'm quite special 🙂

  7. I'll lick off all the frosting before eating the cake.

  8. I'd be a muffin with dark chocolate chips inside. 1one you would eat with coffee.
    because I'm bitter sweet, but only tastes good if I'm with something else.

  9. I LOVE Rasinettes(?) idk how to spell it 😅

  10. Why is the answer to question 104 the large sad yellow moon

  11. " it's a banana… it's a banana.. it's a banana.. "

    Those words actually made me spit out my chocolate milk

  12. At the end of the video Matpat looks deranged

  13. If I was a muffin then I would probably be a brownie muffin. IDK why.

    Edit: Now I want to assign a muffin to every single person I know… MatPat what have you done.

  14. Matpat we will be done in no time. 1 hour and 47 minutes later

  15. i am a very avid muffin eater and i can confirm if you can think it up a muffin exists for it. lemon muffins are among my favorites.

  16. I am a lemon zinger muffin because i have the potential to be in very sweet variety of things but is thought of as sour

  17. MatPat: I HATE OLIVES
    Years later
    Also MatPat: Let's name our new baby boy OLIVEr

  18. I think I am a Glazed Cranberry Orange muffin, an unexpected combination that works, sweet and tangy… so an eclectic, eccentric with a general good nature and a little sass

  19. I'm sorry Steph but tea is 100% better without milk/creamer.

  20. i'm a glazed peach and raspberry muffin becuase I am the gift that keeps on giving and you can enjoy my presence any time of the year. 🙂

  21. 18:26 i like how the sound of MatPat gaining a skip in game times perfectly with Steph speaking to make it sound like it was censoring her cussing lol

  22. I'm a vanilla muffin. A little too sweet, and somehow strange and plain at the same time.

  23. Articuno Covered In Paint (And Litten) says:

    OH, the small yellow happy sun there's, not a comma. IVE BEEN TRYING TO LEARN WHY ITS LIKE THAT AND WHEN I WATCH FOR A FEW SECONDS I GET IT

  24. 39:35 the cat perfectly sums up MatPats reaction to the diet coke bottle opening

  25. I’m a pumpkin muffin. Seems all sweet but has a small hidden spice.

  26. I GOT MY FIRST BINDER TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 29:18 Is the reason why MatPat is just the best. One of my favorite people of all time.

  28. 1:45:38 MatPat's laugh from low to high pitch in 6 seconds 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    1:47:50 MatPat's laugh in 1 second🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. “We’ll be done with this in no time”
    Me, looking at the time stamp: haha he jinxed it—

  30. You need 7 skips for the last question. if you dont have 7 skips you go back to question 1 and can you press try again on the 107 question? And there a impossible quiz 2 and 3

  31. I would be a chocolate chip muffin because chocolate is always good

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