The Impossible Quiz Speedrun World Record in 4:24.88 -

The Impossible Quiz Speedrun World Record in 4:24.88

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this took me like 3 hours to get, cant believe i improved my PB i never thought i could, 4:23 is definitely possible. with a pretty much perfect run maybe even as low as 4:21 is possible, but it would take some insane click speed. i may try to improve but it will be immensely difficult


  1. The impossible quiz: I'm the most impossible quiz in da world.
    This guy: You sure about that?

  2. No way you click that fast to those answers there’s no way. @ 1:06

  3. The ahead eye finallly attach because dedication problematically stay out a sore ceiling. tiresome, nondescript work

  4. Teachers: alright im gonna explain it one
    How fast they are explains it:

  5. ;-; the menu song is from rocky lol

  6. This Guy is faster Than My dad getting the Milk From The Store

  7. I got so mad when he turned off the music lol

  8. God i just like it how eggman snaps sonic leg like a stick from a tree

  9. Wow. Watch this bring me many memories I remember when Pewdiepie played this and get frustated so many times. It was so funny xD.
    At least he could beat the game after a lot of tries.

  10. the fast that tye final question requires you to have all your skips is so evil and I love it

  11. It takes me 4 minutes to find out can a match box

  12. Plot twist this is first try and he just has amazing reaction time and IQ

  13. bruh i couldnt even make it past the first 15 levels

  14. This is harder than jumping 424 times in 1 day

  15. 4:00 hey !! please tell me how it is even possible?🤯 PLZ.

  16. Somebody: so how fast are your fingers?
    Him: Y E S

  17. Dude this game is very dark, and I played it when I was like 8-9 lol

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