The Impossible Quiz Speedrun Tutorial -

The Impossible Quiz Speedrun Tutorial

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Braindead ape makes tutorial in one take
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  1. Just found this tutorial and you did a great job with it!However, there are some things I'd like to add here just based on my time running this game.-That trick for Q.56 doesn't require to hold on to right click on the blue dot. It's just red, red, blue yellow completing the question but you still lose a life.-In Q.102, similar to the trick in Q.84 to grab the skips, you right click where the first dot is supposed to appear so you can instantly grab the first dot and can position the cursor closer to the next dot. This can also be done on the dot that appears right after the square (10th dot) but that's risky as that dot is really small.-Playing the hacked version of the game where you have unlimited skips is the closest thing to savestates and could be used to practice speedrunning the game. Obviously runs of this version aren't allowed on the leaderboard but it could be a way to practice later portions of the run more efficiently by skipping the early questions and then playing the later parts normally.Also, I think it was your run that made me want to retime my run, so thanks 🙂

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